Woman Watches In Horror As Muslim Refugee Commits Disgusting Act Next To Her!

The depravity of some individuals is stunning. Even when not engaging in especially violent behavior, their sexual conduct is so profoundly revolting that it constitutes an assault on those unfortunate enough to witness it.

Anyone who thinks it is appropriate or even permissible for a man to masturbate in public, especially for the alleged benefit of any women present, is crazy. And the pervert engaging in this behavior needs to be arrested and punished. Hiding behind some equally depraved religious doctrine only makes matters worse.

Hence when a Muslim man sat down on a train next to a woman in Sweden and began to expose his genitals and masturbate as though she, as a woman, had to put up with this, things turned ugly. Not only did she kick him out of his seat for all to view and clobbered him with a soda bottle, but she got the police involved as well.

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While not Islamic scholars, we do observe that there is something about the Muslim faith that motivates some of its male apparent adherents to treat women very poorly. In fact, so poorly that their behavior is not only crude and disgusting, but criminal.

“When a 21-year-old woman known only as “Hanna” boarded the Öresund train to Karlshamn on November 24, she was surprised after a young Muslim migrant chose to sit right next to her instead of the numerous vacant seats. It was then that the 23-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker unzipped his pants and began masturbating in front of her.”

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Here’s one of these “peaceful” migrants leftists want to pour into Western nations in action. Anyway, she was not going to put up with this and dealt with the pervert herself.

“The feisty young woman shoved the migrant out of his seat and into the aisle, exposing his debauched deed to the few remaining passengers. While shouting to the riders about what the refugee was doing, she beat him over the head with her Coke bottle. When the terrified migrant tried to flee, she held him at bay until the conductor appeared and removed him from the train.”

Although the conductor only kicked the offender off the train, Hanna went to the police to file a complaint.

“The fiery young woman soon helped officers track down the migrant to a refugee center in Sölvesborg. Swedish Radio reports that the unnamed asylum seeker was convicted of sexual molestation, earning him a sentence of 80 days in jail along with compensating Hanna $571 for the anguish he caused.”

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Seems like a very minor penalty for such a egregiously offensive behavior. But at least some justice was done. Yet, the problem remains.

“Thanks to Sweden’s open-border approach to asylum seekers, 1 in 4 Swedish women is predicted to be raped. While 77 percent of rapists are Muslim, the government ensures that their backgrounds are protected through heavy censorship of the media and tight reigns on police.”

We take no joy in what the statistics reveal about Muslim men. But the facts are what they are, and are an indictment of those who commit those crimes as well as the misguided and dangerous liberal politicians who encourage such migration.

Until these liberals are removed from office, it is clear that women living in nations with open-border policies are in increased danger and need to conduct themselves while in public in such ways as to maximize their personal safety.

Source: Mad World News

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