Muslim Woman Demands Staff Uphold Sharia Law, Owner Has Perfect Response

France has been completely inundated with Muslim refugees and immigrants from nations in the Middle East and Africa. These immigrants and refugees have been arriving for the better part of a decade, but in recent years, have ramped up to fever pitch and there appears to be nothing that the French people to do to halt their government’s insistence on playing the death knell for the nation and its heritage.

According to many reputable polling companies and academic studies, by 2060 at the current rate of immigration, the French people will become a minority and by 2085 could possibly disappear completely from the Earth, the culture all but a distant memory. Has that stopped the French government from making these insane decisions on behalf of the French citizens?

Recently, people have had to deal with this massive influx of Muslims and the biggest problem that occurs these days is that the visitors outright refuse to assimilate into French culture, demanding instead that the French adopt Sharia Law. A man who owns a hotel and pool asked a Muslim woman to not enter the swimming facility with a full-body burkini due to sanitary issues. She defied his request and a battle of sorts occurred as the pool was then shut down!

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Mad World News:

A woman was in for a bit more than she bargained after deciding to go for a swim in a shared swimming pool in her burkini. Unfortunately for her, she was soon asked to leave. Instead of complying with the request, she decided to demand the opportunity to swim in the “unsanitary” garment – but that’s about the time things spectacularly blew up in her face as the owner of the pool slapped her with the perfect reply.

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When a staff member saw what the woman was doing, they immediately told her to get out of the pool, but she refused and demanded to be allowed to stay. However, everyone else was also forced to get out of the pool as well, prompting the woman to storm off back to her husband.

Unfortunately for the irate Muslim, things were far from over as the staff member told the woman’s husband to prevent her from going swimming for the remainder of their stay, but that’s not all. The staff member also handed the Muslim couple a 440 pound (approximately $573 USD) cleaning bill for wearing a burkini in their pool and “tainting” the water, RT reports. Along with that, the charge included damages because the site would be out of use for two days.

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The couple ended up refusing to pay the bill, but the owner charged their credit card anyway. They subsequently complained to an organization United Against Islamophobia in France.

The examples of Muslims attempting to change Western values and customs is more evident every day and soon, the day may come when France no longer welcomes them with open arms. In fact, just this week, the French government announced that it was now limiting immigration to a little over 4K this year and 3.5K next year in an effort to combat “illegal immigration.” Someone’s finally coming around.

Source: Mad World News

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