Revealed! After The White House: With A Stroke Of A Pen, Obamas Land $40 Million Legacy Deal!

After eight years of watching the Obama family go through money like a hungry wolf in a sheep pen, it’s about time they went out and got real jobs like the rest of us have to do to survive.

So what will their choice of vocation be?

Well, apparently their personal lives are a hot commodity these days so naturally, writing books is the first thing on the to-do list. Plus, it’ll increase their chances of telling the American people how their legacies during their White House tenure will surpass the test of time. Clearly, Obamacare and school lunch programs are here to stay [insert sarcasm]!

From Clash Daily:

Obamas Show Just How LUCRATIVE ‘Public Service’ Can Be. Now we know how they plan to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

They’re going to make a killing on book deals.

President Obama has made more than a tidy $15 million from his books since he published his first – Dreams from My Father – in 1995, and now he’s set to earn another $15 to $20 million – or even more – from his forthcoming presidential memoir, top publishing insiders tell DailyMail.com.

And high-ranking publishing insiders are talking at least another ‘$20 million’ in an advance paycheck for First Lady Michelle Obama’s long-awaited – and highly anticipated – memoir about her eight White House years. A source claims she’s been quietly working on her book already.

…Since becoming the first couple eight years ago, book sales have made the Obamas – from middle-class Chicago roots – multimillionaires, with more big bucks on the way.

‘Not a bad nest egg for their golden years,’ observes former senior White House aide Tevi Troy, who wrote a book about White House pop culture. 

Personally, I believe Barack Obama should be writing his memoirs from the inside of a jail cell, but I guess that’s just too much to ask for.

I guess not having him in the White House will just have to suffice for now!

Source: Clash Daily

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