Shock Report: With 17 Days Left, Last Attempt To Save Obamacare Exposed…Even Trump Is Speechless!

One of president-elect Donald Trump’s major campaign promises was to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also know as Obamacare, which has proven to be much more problematic for hard working Americans. It has quickly become unaffordable, with sharply rising monthly premiums and prescription drug costs.

Plus the fact that Obamacare is another attempt at forcing socialism down our throats, as it places too much control of our personal lives under federal governmental oversight.

Now, in the waning days of his final term, Obama is scrambling to encourage his Democrat cohorts to try and block president-elect Donald Trump from making good on his promise.

From Time:

President Obama will hold a meeting with Democrats on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to discuss how to protect the Affordable Care Act next year against Republican efforts to dismantle his signature domestic achievement.

Republicans are planning a rapid repeal of the Affordable Care Act early next year, a move that would finally fulfill a GOP campaign promise but also throw the country’s health insurance markets into uncertainty. Republican leaders have said they may delay the repeal’s effective date for as long as three years to allow time to implement a replacement.

Democrats are divided on how best to salvage Obamacare. Some have expressed a willingness to work with Republicans on a replacement to the law, but almost all are united against attempts to repeal it. Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has promised to try and block Republicans’ repeal efforts next year, as well as a conservative replacement.

“They have nothing to put in its place,” Schumer said earlier this month. “To our Republican friends across the aisle, bring it on.”

This is another example of the truth of the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Before Obamacare, the health insurance industry had it’s share of problems, but it was far from broke. What needed to be fixed, never got fixed even after Obamacare passed.

So, here we are with the same old issues as before with a few new ones added to it: fewer providers with fewer options.

Things need to go back to the way they were before Obamacare, and they need to fix what was actually wrong with the system to begin with.

Patients being overcharged by doctors and hospitals!

Source: Real Clear Politics

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