Guess Who Just Admitted Trump’s Wiretapping Claims Are True — No One Expected HIM!

There is a growing possibility that the attempt by the Democrats to sabotage President Trump is going to blow up in their faces. We’ve heard, ad nauseam from the Democrats, that the Russians intervened in the election on Mr. Trump’s behalf. They may soon wish they’d have kept their mouths shut.

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The scandal attracting attention now involves alleged wiretapping of Mr. Trump’s offices in the Trump Tower by the Obama administration. In particular, it looks like both Mr. Obama and his attorney general, Mrs. Lynch were involved in this. If true and can be proven, their troubles are just beginning. But there’s one question remaining.

The question is, could Hillary Clinton be involved in some aspect of this sordid affair? Of course, the answer to that questions is yes. It’s hard for Hillary to pass up an opportunity to engage in some corrupt activities. The real question is not “could she” but rather “did she.” It’s not looking good for her.

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Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief, appeared on Fox News and commented on the wiretapping issue. “Mook then added that the Clinton campaign was informed by the intelligence community that wiretaps of Russian agents did in fact take place…. and later contradicted himself commenting that Hillary Clinton didn’t have any knowledge of the alleged wiretapping.”

This raises all sorts of questions. If true, why were Mook and the Clinton campaign informed of classified intelligence gathering? Why did he back off his comments and claim Hillary didn’t know about any alleged wiretapping? Does anyone believe that the Obama administration would not inform Hillary of this information?

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Here’s a tweet that asks a great question: “@foxandfriends @RobbyMook Hey Robbie, who from Intel told you about the wiretap between the Russians & People with @POTUS ? — Momma Cin (@clsimp58) March 7, 2017”

As the truth comes out, it’s not going to be President Trump and his staff who will have been shown to have had inappropriate contacts with Russians, but rather his opponents.

You can watch Robby Mook’s interview with Fox News here:

But who leaked this information to Mrs. Clinton and her campaign? We can take an educated guess: “So the questions that should be asked here are…. who was it exactly at the FBI who tipped the Clinton campaign off that Russians were being wiretapped, and furthermore stating that they had potential links to certain Trump aides? It seems to me that it would be the person who decided it would be a good idea not to indict her.”

It may be that the size of the swamp President Trump will need to drain is far larger than even he realized. That said, he’s up to the job.

Source: Right Wing News

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