BOOM! WikiLeaks Drops A Bombshell Tweet About Trump…Even Donald Is Stunned!

As American is settling down from the excitement of the Super Bowl, there was probably one segment that you may have seen and then moved on with the festivities of the great American past time, football.

Did you get a chance to watch President Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly? You may have missed something very important, so important that Wikileaks went out of their way to promote that evening.
You can see the full interview here:
From Mad World News:
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks continue to speak about President Donald Trump and world politics.

Although WikiLeaks does not appear to be “on the Trump Train” the way many once thought, they took the opportunity during the Super Bowl to make a colossal statement. In fact, while we were all distracted by the big game, the whistle-blowing website dropped a bomb about President Donald Trump that very few people saw coming. 

It is clear that Donald Trump was elected because people believe him to be authentic, even if his authenticity appears crude. The contrast between the non-establishment rhetoric of Trump and political cronies like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama remains clear, even after Trump’s Inauguration. Many, WikiLeaks included, continue to be astonished at the honesty of a now sitting president. Times are changing, indeed.

President Donald Trump’s vision is certainly a departure from that of former President George W. Bush and also that of Barack Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Trump is skilled at “the art of the deal,” and it will be interesting to watch him act on his vision on a world stage that includes players like Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

You can watch THE segment from Donald Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly here that Wikileaks applauds:

Mad World News concludes:

At a glance, this portion of the interview seems short and perhaps of little significance. Consider, however, the quantum leap that Trump is implying. Keep in mind, this is not a candidate for President speaking, it is the sitting President of the United States.

We did not hear Bush or Obama (nor failed candidate Clinton) speak so honestly about the actions of the US or past foreign policy failures.

Let’s hope that our country focuses on taking care of itself first, and then work with other countries to avoid violence, if possible, and also protect ourselves from those to intend to do harm to us.

Source: Mad World News

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