Exposed: Wikileaks Drops Explosive Tweet! Suggests Obama Violated International Law Treaty By…

We have witnessed, over the course of two terms, how President Obama reacts to whatever roadblocks happen to be in his way that may keep him from getting what he wants.

He has a tendency to become a little defiant and even a little petulant if Congress tells him no on something he wants to get accomplished and he will try and get around them if he can. Usually, he creates an executive order or action to bypass Congress.

Obama also likes to blame whatever or whoever he can for his failures or those of his party. Such an example arose this past week, as he has placed the blame of Hillary’s loss against Donald Trump in the election on none other than Russia. He claims Russia was involved in hacking into the emails of the Democratic National Committee, as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Not only does he blame Russia, but he wants to punish them, through the use of sanctions. But here’s the shocker: his actions may be illegal under international law!

From Right Wing News:

Obama blames Russia for Donald Trump’s election and wishes to punish them as harshly as possible. He began by closing Russian compounds in the US and ordering Russian diplomats to leave the country.

Moreover, the president reportedly announced retaliatory sanctions against Russia as punishment for having allegedly interfered in the 2016 presidential election.


The Russian embassy in Canada later issued its own statement regarding Obama’s punitive measures by retweeting a tweet by the Russian-controlled news agency Sputnik that cited the WikiLeaks claim.

Whether or not this meant that there was any legitimacy to WikiLeaks’ claim regarding the Vienna Convention, a multifaceted international treaty containing, among other things, the framework for diplomatic relations between independent countries, remained unclear.

President Obama may be just petty enough to cause a rift between the United States and Russia that can’t be mended easily and could lead to a higher risk of conflict.

That may be exactly what Obama is hoping for: something that would keep him in office, like an international crisis.

At this point, we can’t dismiss any possibility when it comes to what Barack Obama might be willing to do to save face. All we can hope for is a quick and safe transition to a Trump administration. Here’s hoping!

Source: Right Wing News

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