Wikileaks Just DECIMATED Obama’s Wiretapping Denial With One Incriminating Tweet!

We have all heard the news about President Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower as part of an espionage plan to thwart Trump’s plans for the presidency. Thankfully, Donald Trump was still elected president.

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However, this does not end the fact that these allegations were made, and if proven true, should send a lot of people to jail. First and foremost, Barack Obama. Right now, Congress has stated that they are going to investigate Barack Obama, the FBI, FBI Director James Comey, and others. But what proof do you need to show that Obama spied on Trump?

Well, Wikileaks may have part of the answer for you. In their recent tweet, they reveal their proof that Obama spied on journalists. So if Obama is willing to sign off and allow the spying of journalist, it is easy to deduce that Obama would also go so far as to spy on anybody. Especially his arch-nemesis, Donald Trump.

From Twitter:

On their website, Wikileaks states:

…WikiLeaks’ lawyers have written to Google and the US Department of Justice concerning a serious violation of the privacy and journalistic rights of WikiLeaks’ staff. Investigations editor Sarah Harrison, Section Editor Joseph Farrell and senior journalist and spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson have received notice that Google had handed over all their emails and metadata to the United States government on the back of alleged ‘conspiracy’ and ‘espionage’ warrants carrying up to 45 years in prison.

Importantly, the warrants reveal for the first time a clear list of the alleged offences the US government is trying to apply in its attempts to build a prosecution against Julian Assange and other WikiLeaks staff. The offences add up to a total of 45 years of imprisonment.

The US government is claiming universal jurisdiction to apply the Espionage Act, general Conspiracy statute and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to journalists and publishers – a horrifying precedent for press freedoms around the world. Once an offence is alleged in relation to a journalist or their source, the whole media organisation, by the nature of its work flow, can be targeted as alleged ‘conspiracy’. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief said: ‘WikiLeaks has out endured everything the Obama administration has thrown at us and we will out endure these latest “offences” too.’

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So if former President Obama is willing to do whatever it takes to attempt to shut down journalists finding and sharing the truth, you can easily consider that Obama would do the same thing to a new president with a new administration and Republican Congress and stop whatever progress he can!

Source: Twitter, Wikileaks

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