WHOA! Congress To Make Whopping Move On Welfare Leeches — There Will Be No More Free…!

In order for socialism to become prominent, leftists need to locate all the welfare leeches that they can find and manage to get signed up on public assistance. Getting people accustomed to receiving government help in order to survive is imperative for progressive socialists!

But middle-class, tax-paying Americans are fed up with the false promises, bad policies, high taxes, and corruption of leftist politicians making themselves wealthy at public expense. So they elected members of Congress who are conservative.

The Freedom Caucus, made up of conservative Republicans in Congress, are proposing changes to the laws regulating the food stamp program, among other programs. The changes would add work requirements for able-bodied people in order to qualify for benefits. President Trump fully supports this good idea. Believe me, the leeches and their Democratic friends don’t!

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Via Conservative Tribune:

To offset some of the initial costs of President Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes for the American people, the Republican conservatives in Congress who make up the Freedom Caucus are seeking to reform the nation’s frequently abused welfare system.

As it stands, billions of dollars are wasted annually on able-bodied people who leech off of the system while making zero efforts to acquire work.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Freedom Caucus hopes to rectify this avoidable situation by adding work requirements and time limits to two of the nation’s most abused programs: the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which provides food stamps, and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, which provides cash assistance.

“It’s good policy to encourage work,” Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, a member of the Freedom Caucus, told the Examiner.

It’s a great policy, in fact, as well as one that’s desperately needed now more than ever. During former President Barack Obama’s term in office, welfare consumption skyrocketed, as did a number of taxes.

Mandating work requirements for welfare is also policy that works.

Food Stamp consumption plummeted by 85% in Alabama when 13 counties instituted work requirements:

Getting people back to work, saving money, and reducing taxes is the ultimate goal:

Speaking with The Daily Signal, Virginia Republican Rep. Dave Brat noted that the underlying goal is to ensure “every able-bodied person gets into the workforce,” while the secondary goal is to save an estimated $400 to $500 billion that could be used to lower taxes for those Americans who actually work.

And we can definitely applaud that!

Welfare leeches have a tendency to multiply in numbers. They also claim they need more and more stuff, as long as the freebies keep coming.

The election of Trump gave us a few more years to get America back on course. And getting able-bodied people back to work is a great start!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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