White House Now Preparing For Impeachment? Look Who Is Calling For President Trump’s Removal From Office

No one with any knowledge or experience with political matters expected a Trump presidency to be a relaxed, non-controversial time. Just the opposite was expected, and that’s just what we’ve received. For those of us who are fed-up with do-nothing congressmen and senators, seeing things get shaken up, especially the liberals, is something we’ve wanted for a long time. In fact, some of us are ready for things to get even more rambunctious given the awful policies enacted during the past eight years.

The Democrats are having fits over what is going on, and what is likely to come next. President Trump is a master negotiator, so one can expect all sorts of techniques to be employed to accomplish his agenda. Of necessity, he will have to keep many of his cards close to his vest in order to keep the opposition guessing. And it would not be a surprise to see a bit of misdirection used to throw the Democrats off.

Ann Coulter, a staunch supporter of Trump during his campaign, has now suggested he be impeached. Unless she’s gone off the rails and decided to join the chorus of Democrats making the same absurd demand, something has really troubled her. She seems to be worried that the president will work to permanently install DACA, and will trade his promised border wall for certain concessions from the Democrats. Since none of Coulter’s complaints constitute impeachable offenses, something she obviously knows, perhaps she’s engaging in a bit of misdirection herself?

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“Wednesday night, news broke that President Donald Trump had inked a deal with Democrat leaders to extend amnesty to illegal immigrants covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, in return for a promise to increase border security. Democrats claimed Trump also dropped his promise to ‘build the wall’ on the Southern border, but the President disputed that allegation Thursday morning.

“Regardless of the ongoing back-and-forth however, some hardcore Trump supporters are already branding the deal as treasonous to Trump’s campaign promises, and at least one hardcore Trump surrogate — columnist Ann Coulter — seems to be calling for Trump’s removal from office.”

Coulter is a sharp gal, and it might well be that she wants “in” on the debate. If so, making such outrageous and unproven remarks would be one way to do it, although many conservatives would abhor her method.

Coulter has an enormous following, and can certainly push the debate to higher levels of intensity with such remarks. Perhaps this is a shot across the bow? Unfortunately, we are not privilege to what she privately thinks, and can only observe what she says and does.

“Coulter predicted Trump’s deal in her column on Wednesday, writing that Trump would spell the end of America if he colluded with Democrats to authorize DACA immigrants to say in the US.”

While making DACA a permanent program would be a terrible blow to the country and is contrary to the platform on which President Trump ran, it’s a bit over the top to claim it would “spell the end of America.” After all, we had Obama as president, Biden as vice-president, Hillary as secretary of state, Nancy as speaker, and a whole collection of miscreants in positions of power of and on over the past eight years, and somehow we survived.

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“She gave a few good reasons why a deal on illegal immigration would be problematic — the legal and procedural headaches that accompanied 1986’s similar measures, were legendary — but also claimed that Democrats pushing for DACA authorization were hell-bent on turning the US into a “third world hellhole” and implied that any immigration policy aside from a complete and total border shutdown, threatened European culture.”

Coulter makes a lot of good arguments, and American culture must be defended. There is also no doubt that there are those on the left who really are “hell-bent on turning the US into a ‘third world hellhole.'” The wall as well as enhanced enforcement of immigration laws should be non-negotiable.

In calling out the liberals, Coulter is spot on. Whether it was necessary to fire a warning shot across the bow of the president remains to be seen. Stay tuned as this drama is far from over.

Source: Daily Wire

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