You’ll Never Believe What This Latest Report Proves The White House Leaker To Be! It Is…

The anti-Trump backstabbers are coming out of the woodwork these days to undermine his presidency. The attempt to cause him to fail is by leaking sensitive information every chance they get.

Surprisingly enough, the Republicans in name only (RINO) faction of the Republican party is no exception.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has apparently been fingered as the probable source of leaks to the media of illegally obtained information concerning phone calls between President Trump and world leaders in which classified subjects were discussed.

Via Yes I’m right:

President Trump has been plagued with leaks and sabotage at every turn since taking office in January. While it would be nice to think that this was all a big misunderstanding and that everyone was just doing what they thought was best for the country, it seems that the left is just trying anything and everything to see the new President fail.

Even that is somewhat expected since the DNC doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation when it comes to underhanded and dirty dealings. The surprising thing is when a fellow Republican decides to bury a knife in the President’s back. Such seems to be the case with Sen. John McCain, since information has come out about his leaking possibly illegally obtained information.

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True Pundit has further details:

McCain is believed to have somehow gained access to the content of President Donald Trump’s private, classified telephone calls with world leaders. And he isn’t keeping quiet about what was talked about either.

An analysis of McCain’s recent public statements by White House officials, coupled with information from intelligence personnel working with the Trump administration, paints a disturbing picture for McCain — or any elected U.S. politician.

Officials believe the senator has inside knowledge of a number of President Trump’s telephone conversations, including at least one conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Even more alarming, officials believe McCain is secretly sharing this sensitive information with colleagues and his cabal of friendly mainstream media journalists in a dangerous clandestine campaign to damage Trump’s presidency even before it has a chance to succeed.

It’s frightening to think that elected representatives within the Republican party itself are willing to risk the well being of the American people to further their own political agendas and doing it against the will of the voting majority!

McCain is that sort of man. He has proved his continual betrayal of Trump over the past few months, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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