While America Mourns, Unites Over Las Vegas Shooting, Guess Who Goes Political, Demands Gun Control

One must wonder if it is possible for the left to observe or comment on anything at all without attaching some political meaning to it. The cars we drive, the food we eat, the sports we watch or avoid – all of this has political overtones as interpreted by liberals.

It’s as tiresome as it is wrong. Outside their imaginary world, people who are in a hurry or who are tired will go the drive-through at the local McDonald’s, and get a Big Mac and a Coke without one single politically-oriented thought going through their minds. They just happen to be hungry, and that’s really all there is to it.

The tragedy in Las Vegas can be summed up just as simply as President Trump has done, calling the act “pure evil.” That phrase is only two words, but it’s enough. Except for the left, or the celebrity left to be more specific. They simply cannot help injecting politics into an event even as tragic as this one. So we can take an abbreviated tour of what folks like Lady Gaga have to say.

As expected, this is another occasion for a call for gun control, as though that would have prevented this. If strong gun control laws would reduce crime, Chicago should be crime-free. And that city even has a liberal running it. Enough said.

Gigi is also looking for an answer in the wrong place.

Alyssa wants “sensible” gun control. As opposed to what, “silly” gun control? Another comment devoid of evidence that any thinking is going on.

No comment necessary on Sophia’s tweet.

If you listen to this collection, crime exists because of conservatives and a lack of sufficient gun control laws. Yet if that were true, our major cities should be relatively safe, considering who typically leads the government in those venues.

Or course the knee-jerk reaction for these liberal celebs is to blame the horrific tragedy on President Trump. They really don’t know what else to say. They are rightly nauseated by the magnitude of this crime, yet their leftist belief system prevents them from doing anything else other than to blame Republicans and a lack of gun laws.

At least they didn’t blame George Bush again.

Source: Daily Caller

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