What Muslim Man Was Caught Doing With Children Inside Ice Cream Truck Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

It used to be a welcoming sound: the arrival of the ice cream truck as its music played, tinkling in the air in the middle of hot summer months. Kids would go nuts when they heard it and would run to their parents for money. As the truck pulled into the neighborhood, a million kids with their money held tightly in their fists would be mobbing the white truck with the billions of pictures of different ice creams cones and bars and push-pops on the side. All the while, the calliope music would play!

It was an awesome feeling to be able to look up at the ice cream man and tell him what you wanted and then he’d reach down into the freezer and grab your treasure. The anticipation was amazing and the product was always well worth the frenzy and the waiting in line behind the other million kids!

In Durham, North Carolina, the same scene played out, but the results for two children were much different. Muslim driver, Isam Fathee Mohamed Rahmah, 51 years old, who converted a red Ford van into a makeshift ice cream truck used it to lure at least two young boys into his van with the promise of ice cream and instead sexually assaulted them!

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ABC7 News:

A man who allegedly used an ice cream truck to lure children in is now in custody, according to police in Durham, North Carolina.

Rahmah turned himself in Friday night and is in the Durham County Jail under a $1 million bond.

A Durham mother said she believes Rahmah used an ice cream truck to target low-income neighborhoods to sexually assault children.

The woman, who we’re not identifying to protect her son, lives in Hoover Apartments in Durham. She said on Wednesday her 9-year old son found the courage to tell her what happened to him on October 22.

“The guy in the ice cream truck told him he could get in the van and help him give out ice cream to the kids in the neighborhood,” said the woman, repeating her son’s account. “He unlocked the door and invited my son on. When he got on, he locked the doors back and told him to go stand in the corner, grabbed him by the shoulders.”

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She said that’s when her son said the man touched him inappropriately. He told the man to stop and said the man gave him a free ice cream and let him go.

Durham police said they believe the driver of that ice cream truck is 51-year-old Isam Fathee Mohamed Rahmah, of Durham.

They said he used a red ice-cream truck to lure not one, but two boys inside to sexually assault them.

Durham police said the ice-cream truck is actually a red Ford van. They said it has numerous pictures of popsicles decorated on the side and back, with NC license plate PCZ-3617.

The mother snapped a picture of the back of the van with the license plate.

Rahmah is charged with felony first-degree kidnapping and indecent liberties with a child. Additional charges may be forthcoming.

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This sort of horrible situation is the kind of scenario that every parent dreads and one which will forever alter that child’s perspective in life. A childhood fun time turns into a terrifying nightmare.

These sorts of criminal behavior don’t deserve any leniency when it comes to how they have stolen a kid’s childhood and replaced it with dishonesty, violence and vile behavior. This man will more than likely be released and be registered with a predator’s statistics, but at what cost, especially when recidivism with this type of crime is shamefully imminent.

Source: ABC7 News

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