What Is Now In The Hands Of ISIS Fighters Will Keep You Up At Night — They Have Stolen 11,000…

President Trump, as we know, is having a great deal of trouble with the courts as well as with Congress in getting control of our borders and who we allow to immigrate to and visit our country. This is utterly absurd if for no other reason than that non-U.S. citizens have no right to enter our country. It is a privilege we extend, and do so gladly to those whose intentions are peaceful.

As if we needed another reason to be fearful and suspicious of those from the middle-east seeking entry into our country, we just got one. And this one can be used to make it far more difficult to determine if a migrant at our borders is a harmless visitor, or a terrorist.

Syria is a haven for terrorists and a country with terrorist training camps. It also has just had about 18,000 blank passports stolen, 11,000 of which are in the hands of ISIS. Meaning the terrorist group can use them to create false identifications to deploy its terrorists all over the world, including the U.S.

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“German authorities believe that Islamic State terrorists have stolen over 11,000 blank Syrian passports, confidential documents seen by the Bild am Sonntag newspaper reportedly reveal.

“German Investigators have made a list of the serial numbers of the blank passports, the newspaper reported, citing confidential documents of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the interior ministry and the country’s federal police (BPOL).

“‘According to BKA information, there are 11,100 Syrian blank passports… in the hands of the IS [Islamic State, also known as ISIS/ISIL],’ the documents from the interior ministry reportedly state.”

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Here is an example of what ISIS intends, and if we think the U.S. is not a planned target, we are self-deluded.

“The Bild report comes days after Der Spiegel magazine, citing sources within Germany’s security services, reported that several dozen Syrian extremists linked to the al-Nusra Front and IS terrorist groups who committed ‘numerous massacres’ of civilians and captives, have sought asylum in Germany.

“Some 60 members of the Syrian Liwa Owais al-Korani or Owais al-Korani Brigade militant group have reportedly arrived in Germany as refugees.”

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The United States is in danger from a number of sources, not the least of which is the obstruction President Trump has experienced as he has sought to secure our borders. It is very clear from Germany’s experience that ISIS is eager to use whatever documentation it can acquire as a means of smuggling its terrorist operatives into targeted countries.

The U.S. is one of them. And to think that there are politicians who are so deluded as to think that setting up sanctuary cities is a good idea. Those U.S. politicians who support such idiotic and dangerous ideas should consider themselves fortunate that they can’t be deported along with the criminals they enable.

Source: RT

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