What Feds Found, Seized In Home Of Illegal Aliens Will Keep You Up At Night

Each time illegal aliens are arrested, detained, charged, imprisoned, or deported, it seems that the entire Democrat party, led by certain antagonists like US Representative Luis Gutierrez, dismount from their jackass to cry “Racist!” and “Xenophobe!” For people like Kevin de Leon, President Pro Tempore of the California State Assembly, the practice of illegals purchasing illegal IDs or taking possession of stolen identities is “not a cause for alarm.”

In fact, de Leon has stated ON THE RECORD that his own family members have done so and he’s perfectly fine with that. He believes it’s not a problem and that everyone who is an illegal alien needs to do so in order to survive here in the US! As if that’s not shocking enough, de Leon has never been investigated for his remarks!

For people like these elected officials, it is powerfully important for illegals to remain viable and active in the American system due to the advantage they serve at the voting booths. For as much as Democrats deny its existence, voter fraud by illegals, specifically, is a huge problem. There is a reason why 3,000 Democrats in Colorado de-registered when Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission was rumored to be pulling into the state. In Dayton, Ohio just this week, an illegal ID criminal ring was busted up and two illegals and a US citizen wife were found to be running the operation!

Feds charge 3 for allegedly producing fake immigration, other IDs

Feds charge 3 for allegedly producing fake immigration, other IDs

Feds charge 3 for allegedly producing fake immigration, other IDs

Dayton Daily News:

Three Dayton residents — including two brothers who have illegally entered the United States several times — have run a fake identification business catering to people who want immigration, state and federal IDs, according to the United States Secret Service.

Blas Martinez-Roldan, 41, Miguel Martinez-Roldan, 44, and his wife, Angela Martinez, 44, have been charged in Dayton’s U.S. District Court with producing nearly 100 fraudulent Social Security cards, U.S. Permanent Resident Identifications, Ohio driver’s licenses and IDs as well as California IDs.

They had their initial court appearances Wednesday and were charged with fraud and misuse of an alien registration document, aggravated identity theft and misuse of a Social Security card number, according to a criminal complaint.

Assistant U.S. attorney Dwight Keller said the penalties for those crimes are up to 10 years in prison, a mandatory minimum two years, and up to five years, respectively.

Blas, also known as Carlos Martinez, and Miguel, aka “El Vecino” (which translates to “The Neighbor”) were to be incarcerated without bond until a Tuesday detention hearing.

Feds charge 3 for allegedly producing fake immigration, other IDs

Homeland Security said Miguel has been removed from the United States five times and Blas has been removed four times, according to the complaint.

Angela Martinez, an American citizen, was released on her own recognizance with certain conditions. All three have a preliminary hearings scheduled for Sept. 13.

If you are one of those people who believes that illegals are no big deal, imagine that for each one of these individuals jumping the border, there is another unfortunate American citizen who has had his/her identity stolen.

If that’s not enough of a reason to find this abhorrent, then try this on for size: For every stolen identity, there’s one more person who is added to the welfare rolls whom you will be supporting with your hard-earned taxes. When you look at your paycheck this week and wonder where all your money goes through the government offices, remember this article!

Source: Dayton Daily News

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