DESPICABLE: What Barack Obama Just Said About Donald Trump Is DISGUSTING…Trump Is FURIOUS!

Here all along we thought the several hundred rounds of golf Mr. Obama played while president was excessive. Little did we know what a blessing they really were – the more time he spent playing golf, the less time was available to him to think up new ways to damage the nation. Now that he is out of office, one hopes his zeal for that sport will remain undiminished.

He was clearly a flop as president. What initiatives he did complete turned out to be disasters such as Obamacare. He cannot point to one clear foreign policy success. And he could not even help the candidate of his own party get elected to succeed him. So, since being president was certainly not his thing, in his search for success it looks like he is going to revert to a previous occupation.

Most will recall that Mr. Obama’s early days in politics consisted of being a community organizer. A confirmed leftist, Obama hung around with all the right people to hone his abilities in promoting radical leftist causes. Attending Jeremiah Wright’s church was a perfect place for him to learn to hate America and its culture. While all of this might have made him an asset in promoting liberal causes among the people, neither these skills nor his law degree were of any apparent use in creating a successful presidency.

It would appear that Mr. Obama has decided once again, to throw American tradition to the wind, and commence his attacks on President Trump immediately by encouraging liberals to organize to oppose the new president. So, Obama is right back where he started his political career.

Community Organizer Obama has sprung into action: “After President Donald Trump issued his executive order temporarily curbing immigration from 7 countries, it was only a matter of time before Barack Obama opened his mouth. In fact, in a statement released by Obama’s spokesman Kevin Lewis, the former president urges Americans to do one thing that should piss us all off. He wants liberals to ‘organize’ against Donald Trump.”

President Trump is taking a wrecking ball to much of what Obama did manage to accomplish, and clearly the ex-president is furious. That he is using Mr. Trump’s immigration policy to open his first attack comes as no surprise.

With Obama on the attack, “It’s important to point out that Donald Trump is not ‘discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion [as Obama infers].’ The basis of the ‘ban’ is the country of origin, which includes only 7 of more than 50 Muslim-majority countries. These seven nations are areas known for producing terrorists.”

Unable to deal with the fact that his opinion now counts for the same as any other private citizen, he has chosen to break with tradition and start criticizing Donald Trump one week after Mr. Trump was inaugurated. In that, he has selfishly refused to extend the same courtesy to Mr. Trump that he received from Mr. Bush – that being a period of time where the retiring president remains silent to allow his successor to settle into the office.

It is in doubt as to how much influence Mr. Obama will really have. Now that he is “yesterday’s leader,” and a poor one at that, he’s likely to have less influence than he would like. He might have to resort to making wild and outrageous statements like some of his friends from Hollywood in order to get the attention he craves.

We recommend that he spend increasing amounts of time on the golf course where he is less likely to remind the nation what a disappointment and failure he was as a president.

Source: Mad World News

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