Heartwarming: West Point Cadets Stranded…You Won’t Believe Who Saves Them!

We all know the story of the world’s first Christmas. A receptive but weary mother travels with her husband to Bethlehem and gets stranded there. Finding no room to rest, she ends up delivering her precious baby, the Christ-Child, in a manger, surrounded and cared for by her husband, shepherds and animals.

So the spirit of Christmas continues to move in mysterious ways, through sacrifice, giving, and loving our families, neighbors, and country. Mothers especially have a way of turning disorder into order, “cosmos out of chaos,” if you will. If my mother is any glimpse of what most American mothers are and what they do, she has been up until midnight every night this week, cleaning, planning her meals, and wrapping presents for seven children and two grandchildren, while working full time.

And it’s no surprise that these particularly special modern-day moms have gone above and beyond the call of duty to take care of each other’s West Point cadets, especially as these young men and women were stranded at the airport, waiting to return home to reunite with their families.

Western Journalism reports:

Wendi Whitteker is one of over 4,000 mothers on the West Point Moms Facebook page.

She said what happened in response to the scores of stranded cadets nationwide was something to behold.

“Moms all over were popping up on the Facebook page saying, ‘Hey, I’m in Atlanta, Hey I’m in Nashville. Hey I’m 15 minutes from this airport, that airport. Let me know if your cadet is stranded. I’m happy to go get them. Bring them back to my house. Let them sleep. Give them a hot meal. I’ll drive them back for their flight is ready to get out,” Whitteker recounted. 

“There was just like this mom network all across the United States. We don’t even know any of these cadets necessarily,” she added. That did not matter. “They were in their cars and on their way. It’s incredible!”

This is a lovely story about the true meaning of Christmas – inviting and caring for anyone who needs it at the present time. Who knows, these wonderful women may have been entertaining angels as they served these brave young men and women.

Merry Christmas!

Source: Western Journalism

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