What Is The First Thing Welfare Leeches Shop For At The Grocery Store? Americans Are Outraged!

Perhaps they had good intentions. After all, the idea of Americans living without enough food to eat is a troubling thought. Yet the system concocted by the liberals to supposedly address this problem has created incredible and outrageous abuses.

If we are going to have a program to help feed the poor, that is what it should do. That sounds like a redundant statement, yet the SNAP program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) we have is riddled with abuse, legal abuse no less. In other words a sizeable part of the taxes we are paying to feed people, is not going to feed people. In fact, their top purchase has nothing to do with food!

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Now that you are wondering, we’ll tell you what is the single largest purchase made with SNAP benefits: sugary soft drinks and energy drinks. So much for fighting hunger, huh?

So we get this straight, welfare recipients top priorities when grocery shopping are not milk, cereal, meat, canned goods, or macaroni and cheese. They are Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, and other such beverages. Your tax dollars not at work.

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And this program isn’t shrinking, either. “SNAP benefits now cost American taxpayers $74 billion annually and under Barack Obama’s watch, the number of Americans on SNAP/Food Stamps grew to all-time record-setting highs of nearly 50 million, up 70 percent from when he took office.”

There’s our friend Mr. Obama, out buying votes. Get them hooked on government benefits and reel in the ballots.

Continuing, “SNAP households spent 9.3 percent of their grocery budgets on sweetened beverages. That’s more than what non-SNAP households do. About 5.4 percent of food expenditures made by SNAP recipients is spent on soft drinks alone.”

The stupid thing about this is that the SNAP program as well as grocery checkouts are all electronic. All it would take is some quick work to delete these beverages from the list of approved purchases and no more tax dollars wasted under a nutrition program for products that provide essentially zero nutrition. Wonder what the hang up is, lobbying by soft drink companies, perhaps?

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The liberal incompetence turns to hypocrisy when looking at the targets of their sales tax increases.

“Residents of Boulder, Colorado and three cities in the Bay Area — San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, California — all voted to implement taxes on sugary drinks on Tuesday. The California initiatives will tax sugar-sweetened beverages at a rate of 1 cent per ounce, while the Boulder tax will be 2 cents per ounce. On Thursday, Illinois’ Cook County — which encompasses Chicago and its suburbs — passed a similar penny-per-ounce tax that also includes drinks with zero-calorie sweeteners, such as diet soda.”

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So, liberals are encouraging the consumption of soft drinks by including them in an alleged nutrition program while taxing the daylights out of those very products. And you wonder why we find the policies of the left to be either ridiculous or dangerous?

Source: Allen B. West

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