See What Welfare Leech Does When Government Denies Benefits, Assistance

When we talk about welfare leeches, sometimes I believe that people think we’re being too harsh. They act as if we are saying that no one should receive assistance, but that’s just not the truth. As a Christian, I believe that there should be a safety net for those in the very dire straits that my own family has been in during my lifetime. It’s not fun to feel like you’re in someone’s debt.

However, when it comes down to it, there are a lot of people out there with enormous hearts and enormous beneficence and are willing to help just about anyone. When it comes down to it, when you help someone, even when you have nearly nothing, you always get it back in bounty. That’s just the way the grace of God works.

That being said, there are those in society who have no patience for grace or prayer and expect that the entitlements that they have through the goodness of the American taxpayer and the government will be there each and every month, right on time, and in what amount they believe is necessary for them to be comfortable. One of these “entitled” individuals recently went on a rant inside a government office that turned down his application for welfare, so he did what any decent human being would do: He produced a jar of hundreds of bedbugs and released them in the office!

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Conservative Tribune:

For United States residents who are completely, unnecessarily reliant upon the government and taxpayers for their income, few things are as important as receiving what they believe they are “entitled” to receive — even, apparently, the well-being of others around them.

One man in Augusta, Maine, who did not receive his requested government assistance took out his anger on an entire city building by releasing roughly 100 bedbugs, according to the news website

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Charles Manning, 74, entered Augusta City Center on June 2 to apply for welfare. However, when he found out he did not qualify for the program, he took out a cup of live bedbugs and slammed it on the counter.

Around 100 of the nasty creatures swarmed out of the cup and spread throughout the building, causing city officials to close the office for the remainder of the day, according to the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

Unfortunately, those who expect the government to provide for their every material need suffer from a severe case of “misdirected hand out syndrome.” They want to put their hands in everybody’s pockets except their own.

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The fact that this man felt wronged by society and decided to take it out on a bunch of government workers is bad enough. But he also really hurt his own chances at grace as well. His action negated any chance that those people around him who possibly may have been moved by his story if he had been humble and respectful.

Instead, he acted like an entitled brat who threw a tantrum because he could not get his way. That is the hallmark of a person, in my opinion, who needs to get off his butt, go to a local church, and pray for guidance. It’s truly amazing what kind of help arrives at your doorstep when you just humble yourself.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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