You Won’t Believe What Just Happened When This Welfare Leech Found Out His Food Stamps Were Declined!

When you hear stories of some of the loons on the loose, it makes you wonder whether you really want to go out anymore. Of course you do, partly because the likelihood of your getting involved in such a situation is very small. And partly because we need social interactions for our mental health, well, most social interactions anyway.

Yet there are some dangerous people out there, and learning how to avoid them is well worth our time.

Here’s just what you want to avoid. A man’s food stamp card got declined, precipitating an argument which ended in his shooting his sister’s boyfriend in cold blood. It a tragic story that ended in one man dead and another convicted of murder.

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The idea of EBT cards, or food-stamps as they used to be called, is to relieve hunger among those who are truly poor. They are sort of a government attempt to solve a problem that decides ago was addressed by soup kitchens set up by churches and charitable organizations. The problem is that they are subject to massive abuse.

“According to local new source NBC11, it all started on June 11, 2016, when Nathaniel Mathis asked his sister and her boyfriend Rodney Benton, 34, to buy him pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets from the local grocery store in Georgia, using his EBT card. According to police, Mathis would let his sister use his EBT card for purchases in lieu of paying rent.”

That’s the first problem in that you are not supposed to let others use your EBT card.

“Things took a turn for the worse when Mathis’ sister and Benton called him from the store to tell him that all of the Hot Pockets were sold out. As Benton and Mathis’ sister went up to the register to make other purchases with Mathis’ EBT card, it was declined because the PIN had been changed.”

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Note that this is all over a box of Hot Pockets. Nevertheless, the story ended in tragedy.

“According to local new source MyFox8, Mathis approached the passenger side of his sister’s SUV and shot Benton as he yelled, ‘You know what’s going on!’ Mathis reportedly approached a woman as he fled the scene of the crime to a nearby wooded area and asked her to deliver a message to his sister. ‘I just snapped. I love her and didn’t mean for it to happen this way,’ the message said.”

Matthis was later arrested, tried, and convicted of murder. All over a box of Hot Pockets and an EBT card that didn’t work.

Perhaps the EBT program was created with good intentions. Of course, we all know the line about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

Yet the program is a fiasco. Fraud is rampant, people buy all sorts of inappropriate foods with EBT cards, and “there are literally now millions of thugs just like Mathis who live off of tax dollars taken from hard working Americans.”

This is a case of where the private sector and charitable institutions used to help those who are truly needy as opposed to those who make it a career to live off government welfare programs.  Those groups still do as food pantries dot the nation, a testimony to the care people have for the less fortunate.

We might just be able to handle this ourselves without a bloated, corrupted, and abused bureaucracy turning poor people into permanent welfare recipients.

Source: Mad World News

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