We Found ‘Em! Guess Who Was Just Arrested For Making Homemade Bombs And Hiding Them In Buildings?

In the wake of the three terror plots that played out over the last few days: the terrible hours in Las Vegas, the attack in France, and the one in Canada, there is no denying that the number one threat to democracy is radicalized political and cultural ideology.

In Europe and the Middle East, they are dealing with a growing feeling that the refugee crisis that continues to spiral out of control is on the verge of tipping over fragile governments in those regions, especially considering that the proposed Caliphate by ISIS appears to be gaining steam. Even with the Islamic State predominantly out of power and on the run, they nevertheless are focused and organized enough to maintain a magazine, a news broadcast agency, and a spokesperson who informs the world when they have taken credit for a cowardly attack.

In France’s capital, law enforcement has been hard at work attempting to thwart potential terrorist activities, while at the same time trying to be true to their perceived inclusive behavior on behalf of Muslims. Muslims, who are in fact attempting to appear tolerant, when in reality have a stark hatred for Western Civilization. Paris authorities have arrested five suspects after homemade bombs and materials for destructive devices were discovered in an apartment building. They now realize that they have possibly foiled a very large and potentially devastating terrorist plot!

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France 24:

The Paris prosecutor has opened an anti-terror investigation after the discovery at the weekend of a homemade bomb at a building in Paris and five people have been arrested, sources close to the case said Monday.

Police discovered two cylinders of gas in the hall of a building in the city’s 16th arrondissement and two others on the sidewalk. They also found a mobile phone linked to the cylinders, which appeared to be “a device to ignite” the explosive, the sources said.

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A local resident alerted police after finding two of the gas cylinders around 4:30 am (0230 GMT) on Saturday, a source close to the probe said.

According to another source, four of the suspects were being held in custody Monday night.

The terrorist threat remains high in France which has been hit with a series of jihadist attacks since January 2015.

The latest attack was on Sunday in Marseille when a knifeman stabbed two women to death at the main train station shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest”). He was shot and killed by soldiers.

The stabbings bring to 241 the number of people killed in jihadist attacks in France.

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No matter how often these attacks occur and no matter how many times the news announces that Islamic radicals are responsible for shameless and coward’s errands, the Left blindly sits on the sidelines, facing the other way or whistling past the graveyard as if they can’t see the Grim Reaper who stands right in front of their very faces.

The Obama administration was famously against calling this what it is and in Europe, they are similarly content with pretending that this violence has nothing to do with the religion of peace. My thoughts remain that the only way that Islam is a religion of peace is if we change the phrase slightly, adding an operative term: Islam wishes that we all rest in peace!  That’s certainly more accurate, by most anyone’s definition.

Source: France 24

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