Watch What Welfare Queen, Mother Of 3 Flaunts To All Of Working America

There are millions of Americans who are hurting badly in spite of an economy that has been showing bright spots. Human nature should cry out with a desire to help these people, at least until they can get back on their feet. Yet there are always those who will take advantage of a situation and either malinger or otherwise collect benefits to which they are not entitled. In a sense they are thieves, stealing benefits from those truly need and deserve them.

All of that considered, our welfare system is a mess and ripe with fraud and waste. Benefits are awarded to those who lied to get them, and some programs seem designed to create a permanent underclass in order to generate votes for the liberal politicians who create these easily-abused welfare programs.

Then there are those who are so proud of the welfare abuse they are committing that they boldly get in our faces on social media and mock those who actually go to work while they sit around all day living off the taxpayers dime. This is the case of one such individual.

***Editor’s Note: graphic language below***


In the event you have difficulty viewing the video, here’s a portion of the text.

Welfare queen: Get out of here, b*tch. F*ck the government. F*ck Trump. I’m gonna rape that sh*t sitting on my a$$… Guess what? This b*tch is doing better than you, b*tch. You’re on your feet all day b*tch. All day… Get the f*ck out of here. You go and work. I’ll sit on my a$$ while you go and work.”

This is an example of what some of our public assistance funds are supporting. If she is, indeed, committing welfare fraud, then send her to prison where she will still get free room and board, but will be forced to do something productive like make license plates.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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