Watch What 1 Texas Grandma Does When 2 Armed Thugs Break Into Her Home

There are countless examples all over the world where people who have been found guilty of crimes are subjected to all manner of crazy maimings and debilitating harm to their person that is supposed to teach them a valuable lesson. For instance, a thief in Pakistan may have his right hand lopped off at the wrist.

The punishments in those countries are severe and usually are arrived at following a speedy trial which honestly could be a judge being brought down from his home and into the street to hear the two sides and make a determination or judgment right then and there and it would be legally binding. For Americans, there is a lengthy process by which the accused are arrested, booked, brought up on charges, locked up and could be locked up for a short amount of time before release to commit the crime again. Then there is the trial and the chance that the perpetrator gets off on a technicality.

American justice is not swift. Texas justice, on the other hand, is not only swift, it can be meted out by just about anyone who owns a gun and is protecting their property. Even a 60-year-old grandmother whose home is being invaded by not one, but two, thugs!

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Right Wing News:

A 60 year-old grandmother got the surprise of her life in Katy, Texas. Two thugs that were armed came into her leased home through the open garage door. She ran and got her gun (of course, it’s Texas!) and started shooting at them. She killed one of them and the other fled and jumped the fence. He’s still on the loose, but he may have been wounded as well. Good for her!

From Breitbart:

A grandma home alone in the Katy, Texas area opened fire on two home invasion suspects Monday, killing one.

The second suspect ran for his life, jumped a fence and disappeared from sight once the shots rang out.

According to ABC 13, Harris County Sheriff’s deputies say the 60-year-old grandma was at home by herself when two suspects allegedly entered through the garage.

Deputy Thomas Gilliland said, “Both were armed with pistols. She confronted both suspects, retrieved a handgun and fired several times at both subjects.”

After the grandma stopped shooting, one suspect was dead and one was on the run. Police do not know if the fleeing suspect was shot as well.

The woman was alone when the men came in… it was early in the morning. I imagine her husband was at work. They were probably casing the home waiting for him to leave and figured they could handle one woman. Not so much. Neighbors are now on edge and will be until this invader is caught. Last word is that a police helicopter was searching the area as were officers. They’ll get the guy, he’s just not that smart.

It’s a good bet that she will be charged with something, perhaps a porch light that was out and should have been lit to let the thieves know that she was home, rather than trick them into thinking the house was unoccupied.

The point is that it is difficult to get through a trial where charges are levied against you in the case of a gunfire incident. If you discharge your weapon and there is a wounding or a death, beware. Regardless, many times, of the circumstances, the gun owner is almost automatically blamed for some aspect of the crime. Let’s hope it’s not the case here.

Source: Right Wing News

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