Watch: Muslim Migrants Try To Sneak Into Country Illegally By Boat, Realize Their 1 Big Mistake Too Late

The United States is far from the only nation with an illegal alien problem. Much of Europe has been overrun with migrants, many of them Muslims who have no intention of merging peacefully into their new countries. Germany has even gone so far as to encourage such migration, much to the detriment of its people. Chancellor Merkel should be removed from office.

There are other European countries that are not so welcoming to those who wish to avoid their borders and enter their nations illegally. Hungary would be once such nation. So would Romania. With an opportunity to avoid borders and enter the country by sea, Romania’s Coast Guard has been busy.

When a boat carrying about 100 illegal Muslim migrants tried to enter Romania, the nation’s Coast Guard opened fire. No doubt this was not the “welcome” these migrants were hoping for. Yet it ended their illegal attempt to gain entry into the nation.

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“In video footage uploaded by Romanian Border Police, a boat carrying more than a hundred of illegal Muslim migrants approached the shore on the Romanian-Bulgarian border only to be swiftly shot at and intercepted by the Romanian Coast Guard. To prevent the illegal aliens from landing on the beach and entering the Eastern Bloc, heavily armed military officials opened fire at the boats as a warning for the invaders that Romania wasn’t about to allow them to cross the border illegally.”

“The boat, which is just one of countless others illegally sailing out of safe-haven Turkey, was intercepted by border police before its inhabitants were detained, searched, and transported to the nearest government holding facility for processing. The migrants will then be identified through an extensive vetting program which will determine if they are actual refugees or illegal invaders. Those who pass the background checks will be provided with documentation and transferred to nearby refugee camps while the failed asylum seekers will be processed for deportation to Turkey.”
Uncontrolled immigration does not work, especially in states with generous welfare programs. Those who cannot or will not work are often attracted to those countries, many times with family members. Already strained social services programs simply cannot handle the influx of these illegals, and the law enforcement agencies are forced to deal with those migrants who are violent criminals.
Nations with open borders have sealed their fate. Sooner or later it will be the end of their existences as a sovereign countries. And the welfare benefits will no longer be there for anyone. We’ll leave it to the readers to envision what such failed jurisdictions will look like.
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