WATCH: Fox News Host Drops Bombshell…Even Lying Liberal Is Stunned!

Isn’t it ironic that Hillary Clinton was close friends with a man, Senator Robert Byrd, who was an actual member of, and recruiter for, the KKK, which was one of her mentors as a young woman AND her greatest benefactor, George Soros, was an actual Nazi and has never renounced his affilitation with it, but Hillary gets a free pass because she’s a liberal socialist Democrat who claims to love minorities and shows it by giving them someone else’s money…as in, our tax dollars.

No, it’s not Hillary and her fellow Democrats who created the KKK to begin with, that are the bigoted racist Nazis. It’s Donald Trump who’s never uttered a racist statement or Nazi saluted a single person who is the racist.

If hypocrisy were a college course, every liberal snowflake would have a degree in it!

In a Youtube video, FOX News host, Tucker Carlson “grilled Tariq Nasheed On why he Falsely claimed that President Elect Donald Trump Hired white supremacists to serve in his cabinet.”

This has been the narrative of the leftists from day one to slander anyone who opposes them and label them as racists in the minds of the public.

Liberals have repeated this lie so often that, now, most people take it as gospel and believe it is part of the conservative creed.

It takes someone like Tucker Carlson to call these race-baiters out on live TV and show them to be the liars they are!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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