WATCH: Antifa Punk Kicks Pepper Ball At Police — Brutal Payback Doled Out In 5 Seconds!

It is now getting dangerously close to the time when police officers are going to be brought up on charges at Trump rallies and speeches nationwide. As Mayor John Gregory “Greg” Stanton was yapping to the Fake News Industrial Complex about how Trump’s speech in Phoenix did nothing to bring the country together, the mainstream media was out talking about that rather than the fact that antifa hooded, masked and armed thugs were rioting in the streets.

The mayor may have disagreed, but let’s be honest, he is a Democrat. And while the FNIC was inside the building filming the crowd booing the media with their cellphones and claiming they “feared for their very lives!” (no joke, they really did), police officers were on the outside actually fighting for their lives against a bunch of bought-and-paid-for Hillary, Obama, and George Soros guerillas.

One of the protesters, while tossing projectiles at riot police and refusing to clear the streets, was nailed right in the crotch by a tear gas canister and is probably still regretting today that he was at this event in the first place. But the media will most likely be calling for these police to be brought up on brutality charges. The shot was classic!

The Daily Caller:

A protester was struck in the crotch with a tear gas canister outside the Phoenix Convention Center Tuesday night after refusing to comply with police orders to vacate the area.

The  man was one of hundreds of protesters who gathered, some as early as 3 p.m., outside the Phoenix Convention Center in anticipation of President Donald Trump’s 90-minute campaign style speech. The number of protesters increased as the afternoon wore on, reaching a climax following the speech.

What was initially a peaceful protest erupted into chaos after the speech when protesters began hurling projectiles at the police. The police responded by clearing the streets using tear gas and rubber bullets.

“People in the crowd began fighting and throwing rocks and bottles at police,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard, of the Phoenix Police Department, said in a statement to CNN. “They also dispersed some gas in the area. Police have responded with pepper balls and oc (pepper) spray in an attempt to disperse the crowd and stop the assaults.”

While it is just tongue-in-cheek on our end to joke about the police officers being charged with brutality, we might wish to keep a very close eye on these next few events that Soros, Obama, and Clinton have planned because, mark my words, we may see something THAT stupid issue from mouth of Maxine Waters or Luis Gutierrez.

All things aside, it was a great speech, well-received, and even if the media felt “personally threatened” when all the grandmothers in the audience were booing them, I think it’s safe to say that on any given day, I’d much rather face the Trump crowds than the Soros crowds. Although the crotch shot was worth the laugh.

Source: The Daily Caller

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