Elizabeth Warren Stabs Veterans In The Back — President Trump Is Furious

For liberal Democrat politicians like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, the issue of illegal immigration seems to be more about catering to foreigners and buying their support, rather than ensuring that American immigration laws are enforced and obeyed.

The liberals know that they are more likely to get votes from illegal immigrants who stand to gain financially than they are to get votes from America’s veterans who have been ignored, snubbed and mistreated. The Obama administration was especially tough on veterans, as they cut veterans’ benefits in order to give more aid to the illegal immigrants.

Senator Warren’s attitude towards veterans and her love affair with illegals has wrought the ire of two military heroes, Dennis Moschella and John MacDonald, who criticized her for ignoring the plight of veterans.

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From Conservative Tribune:

“It seems to be the fact that she’s more interested in creating political theater than she is in helping Americans,” said MacDonald, who serves as the spokesman for the group Veterans Assisting Veterans, which is based out of Warren’s home state.

He was referring to the way in which the senator had all the time in the world to deliver tired speeches or participate in inane marches yet was either unable or unwilling to lift a finger on behalf of American veterans.

“There’s hundreds of veterans dying every day,” chimed in Moschella, the group’s president. “Why don’t we address those problems first, and then we’ll worry about other people coming into our country.”

Last week the two men had excoriated Warren and other Democrat senators in an open letter for their lack of concern!

“Veterans Assisting Veterans is outraged at the selfish blatant ignorance of the politicians that have chosen illegal immigrants over U.S. veterans,” they wrote. “We ask that the American public join our cause and our passion for helping bring attention to this issue.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Warren spokeswoman, Lacey Rose, responded to the letter “by pitching a disingenuous rant about President Donald Trump’s alleged attacks on immigrants.”

While Warren realized the “utmost importance” of aiding veterans, Rose said, but “(s)he also knows that standing up for our veterans and rejecting President Trump’s unlawful, immoral, and irresponsible attacks on immigrants are not mutually exclusive issues.”

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If Warren and the other Democrats believe that helping veterans is of the “utmost importance,” then why is it always the last thing on their “to do” list behind support minority rights, illegal immigrant rights, and women’s marches, all the while blasting Trump?

They never seem to get to that last item on the list!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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