The Truth Is Out! Investigation Just EXPOSED Voter Fraud In Key Battleground State!

In their efforts to find something negative to attach to President Trump, the Democrats might be ignoring some scandals of their own that are of a very real nature. While the mention of a scandal ineluctably draws one’s thoughts in the direction of Hillary Clinton, there are enough other nefarious acts by other members of her party to keep those who wish to investigate the Democrats very busy.

One of President Trump’s remarks that has especially infuriated the left as been his assertion of massive voter fraud that benefited Mrs. Clinton and her party. California, in particular, was a target of his accusations. If one were to wish to make such an accusation, California would be a good place to start. Not only is the population enormous, but the population of illegal migrants is rather large in that state as well. If the examination of each voter’s identification in California was as lax as alleged, it would be foolish to think that the balloting in that state was without fraud. The question then becomes one of just how much fraud was committed.

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Yet California is not the only state where voter fraud was suspected. It turns out that Ohio has a problem as well. And no doubt there are more states where the election process has been lacking somewhat in integrity. But for now, let’s see what is known about Ohio’s voter registrations.

Ohio has conducted its own investigation and has found hundreds of non-citizens on its voter lists. More than that, some of those have voted. The Daily Caller reports that, “[a]ccording to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, his office has identified a total of 821 non-citizens registered to vote in the Buckeye State since 2011 — 126 of whom voted in at least one election.”

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Mr. Husted continues,:“‘In light of the national discussion about illegal voting it is important to inform our discussions with facts,’ Husted said in a statement. ‘The fact is voter fraud happens, it is rare and when it happens, we hold people accountable.'”

On statewide contests, some might suggest that 126 ballots are unlikely to make a difference, but that does not excuse the problem. (We certainly recall the Florida recount in the 2000 presidential election.) Note what else Mr. Husted shares with The Daily Caller: ‘I have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of Ohio’s elections system,’ Secretary Husted said. ‘When you consider that in Ohio we have had 112 elections decided by one vote or tied in the last three years, every case of illegal voting must be taken seriously, and elections officials must have every resource available to them to respond accordingly.'”

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Our system of government is utterly dependent on fair and transparent elections. Jokes, such as the one about Chicago admonishing people to “vote early, and vote often” may elicit a chuckle, but really are not funny. If the election system breaks down, the legitimacy of those who win the contests is damaged. And if the nation has a bunch of elected officials whose legitimacy is in doubt, the integrity of our legislative bodies goes out the window.

This nation is in real need of a thorough cleaning of its voter registration lists – perhaps by independent investigative agencies if the state’s authorities cannot be trusted. And each voter must be required to show a photo ID attesting to his or her right to vote in the appropriate precinct.

This is not xenophobia or whatever label the left would chose to use. This is assuring each voter that his or her vote will not be diluted by those who are not entitled to vote. Elections are to be won by making your case to the voters, not by counting on sympathetic election authorities to allow ineligible voters who are thought to be sympathetic to particular politicians to cast ballots. That’s illegal. The corrupt election officials need to be prosecuted and the ineligible voters deported if not American citizens or prosecuted if they are.

There must be zero tolerance for voter fraud. The Republic depends on it.

Source: Right Wing News

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