Massive Voter Fraud Exposed! Latest Confirmed Numbers Are Mind-Blowing! [VIDEO]

“Vote early and vote often” is a joke that is sometimes applied to Chicago politics. The problem is it isn’t a joke, and it’s not limited to Chicago.

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Voter fraud is a problem that exists nationwide, and it can involve either illegal immigrants or the use of deceased Americans’ voting information. It’s a practice that the Democrats do not want to see terminated. This would lead one to believe that this fraud must benefit the Democratic vote counts.

When you think about all the obstacles that President Trump had to overcome to win the White House, his victory over Mrs. Clinton just becomes all the more stunning. To everything else that we know was arrayed against him, we can add voters who should never have been on the rolls, as Fox News just revealed.

It’s a stunning number, isn’t it? “‘Dead people are voting and it’s something [the (former) Obama] administration does not want to do anything about. They must like it. They must like who they are voting for,’ J. Christian Adams told Fox News. ‘Now we have four million, four million Steve, ineligible and dead voters on American voter rolls according to the Pew Charitable Trust,’ he added.”

Is this just a blatant attempt by the left to stack the vote? Or is there something more sinister at work, such as destroying Americans’ confidence in the voting process, and hence the validity of elections? Either way, it needs to stop.

Take Virgina for example, a state led by former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe.: “According to a 2016 report by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a small sample of only eight counties in Virginia showed 1,046 non-citizens who were registered to vote, many of whom had voted before they were removed from the voter rolls. Heritage’s database shows voter-fraud convictions in Virginia for everything from absentee-ballot fraud to false registrations to vote buying.”

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You would think this level of fraud would disturb the governor. You would be wrong. “On Monday he vetoed three of the bills. The first, Senate Bill 1253, would require poll books to include DMV photographs. Virginia already mandates a photo ID to vote; this bill would actually speed the voting process on Election Day by waiving the voter-ID requirement if a DMV picture already exists in the voter file, while acting as a check on individuals who might be trying to use a fake ID. Yet Governor McAuliffe professes to believe that this attempt to streamline the process would somehow lead to “voter confusion.'”

“Voter confusion” – that’s a novel explanation for the veto. Let’s try the real reason: These “voters” support candidates such as McAuliffe. And in a close election, any edge corrupt officials such as Governor McAuliffe can gain, they will take advantage of, even if the voter lists start to resemble the obituary column more than a list of legal and living residents in each precinct.

Source: Right Wing News

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