Victim In Disbelief That Liberal Judge Reduces Sentence On Muslim Man Who Raped Her, All Because He…

When it comes to Liberal activist judges, there are none worse than those chosen specifically to thwart criminal justice because of a political narrative or ideology that fits a certain storyline. For instance, by calling someone Pro-Choice instead of Pro-Abortion, they make it seem as if somehow, a woman who is “pro-choice” could possibly make the choice to keep her baby. But that’s not what pro-choice is. It is about killing a baby, pure and simple.

The same is true with Muslims. When a man rapes a woman, he gets an automatic sentence based on the horror of the crime. Yet, if the man happens to be a Muslim, then suddenly, the crime falls under different criteria. Somehow, the crime is less egregious when committed by someone of the Islamic faith!

In Sweden, it is even worse. The Scandinavians have been making a humiliation out of law enforcement there, particularly when it comes to immigrants or migrants. Their greatest achievement nowadays in Stockholm, for instance, is to have become the Rape Capital of the World, all thanks to Muslim immigrants. Recently, a Leftist judge decided that a Muslim who committed rape should receive a reduced sentence. Why? Because he already lost his license to drive a cab and the harsh sentence on top of that would be just too much of a hardship!

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Mad World News:

After a young woman was brutally raped by an Iraqi migrant in the back of his taxicab, she immediately went to the authorities and reported her attacker. However, as soon as he was brought before the court, a liberal judge had just 3 words for the victim, explaining why he wasn’t going to jail the migrant for raping her.

Thanks to Sweden’s liberal approach to immigration, mostly Muslim migrants have continued flooding across its borders for more than 4 decades. Now, statistics suggest that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped, making the once beautiful Scandinavian country the “rape capital of the West.” Unfortunately, Swedish authorities haven’t learned much from this as they continue to not only turn a blind eye to migrant crimes but directly enable dangerous Muslim offenders.

When a judge initially gave a 30-year-old Iraqi migrant the minimum sentence for raping a young woman in his taxicab in Stockholm, Swedes likely breathed a sigh of relief that he would at least face the required jail time for his wicked deeds. However, like most migrant offenders, the convicted rapist knew that all he had to do was appeal the sentence and a superior judge would most likely reduce his sentence drastically. Disturbingly, he was right.

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Fria Tider reports that despite a previous judge’s ruling, a liberal appeals judge refused to jail the Iraqi rapist for even the minimum required sentence, reducing his sentence to just 22 months because he believes he’s suffered enough since he “lost his license” due to the conviction. Additionally, the judges refused to deport the migrant, replying that there was no valid reason to extradite him. In a bid to protect the rapist’s identity, the court redacted the man’s name, referring to him only as “X.”

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If you think that this won’t happen here in the states, guess again. Look at the problems that President Trump had in just attempting to halt immigration from terror-prone countries around the world. Amazingly, it took four Leftist judges to halt that process for nearly a year.

Let us hope that these next few years of a Trump administration will finally put a stop to this madness!

Source: Mad World News

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