Red Alert! US Officials Shocked To See What North Korea Is Loading Onto Their Patrol Boats

North Korea is apparently not afraid of sanctions, or missiles, first strikes, or the weight of the world upon them. In as many months as it has taken Donald Trump to get a little over 50 appointments of vital personnel in his government due to Democrat stonewalling, North Korea continues to make the world a little more dangerous. These games that the Democrats are playing are endangering our nation in a very real way.

As North Korea enters the next phase of its readiness for full-scale war with the United States and its allies, there is no doubt that they have capabilities beyond what was initially thought and they are admittedly far more along toward a long-range nuclear strike than all the experts had anticipated.

Now, in its current state of saber rattling, Pyongyang is begun to load another weapon of choice into a patrol ship off its eastern coastline, presumably to warn off US naval vessels from entering those waters. Despite UN sanctions (which always appear to fail), North Korea has defied the world body once again to show that it does not fear retaliation.

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Conservative Tribune:

The rogue country of North Korea is continuing to rattle the saber in the face of Western nations — and the regime was just caught preparing for a possible strike against the U.S. Navy.

American spy satellites have reportedly spotted the North Korean military loading anti-ship cruise missiles onto a patrol boat.

According to Fox News, the naval missiles in question are a “Stormpetrel” type, which is designed to strike other ships at sea. They were reportedly placed on a “Wonsan” guided-missile patrol boat on the east coast of the reclusive country.

U.S. officials stated that Stormpetrel naval missiles have not been placed on a similar craft since 2014.

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“The best signal that North Korea could give us that they’re prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches,” stated Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has been visiting the Philippines over the last several days.

Officials who allegedly had knowledge of the situation told Fox that the installation of North Korea’s anti-ship weapons could mean that Kim Jong Un is planning another missile test in the coming days.

Alternately, it could be an attempt to ward off U.S. Navy ships from entering the area.

The gravity of the Korean situation was underscored by a recent vote in the United Nations Security Counsel. That counsel voted 15-0 to impose new sanctions against Pyongyang, but it is unclear what actions will be taken if the sanctions do not work.

With all eyes on the Korean Peninsula, the biggest question may be who blinks first: The communist state, or the United States of America.

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The news of this latest munitions load is one in just a series of what will likely be many more. The fact that this ship is being launched off the east coast of North Korea indicates that it intends of standing its ground in the Pacific.

With its missiles have struck the commercial vessel area of Japan, a very busy waterway, they have also staked their claim in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of China simultaneously. Kim Jong-un may be insane, but he is nevertheless covering all his bases.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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