Do You Support Our Men And Women In Uniform?

We have seen, as of late, the horrible catastrophes that are Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Both brought significant destruction to our country, and we’re not even close to the end of the hurricane season!

So as residents of both Texas and Florida are attempting to piece their lives together again, who do you think is there supporting them each and every step of the way? It’s our National Guardsmen and Guardswomen who have been called up out of their respective states and deployed to assist as needed.

We’re talking about Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Nebraska, and many other states have activated their guard in order to help their fellow Americans.

In light of all of this, on top of what our other armed forces do on a daily basis protecting our freedoms, do you support our troops?

Make your voice heard, America!

Do You Support Our Men And Women In Uniform?

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