Democrat UNLOADS, Drops The UGLY Travel Ban Truth On Liberal Judges — They Didn’t See This Coming!

President Trump did exactly what the US Constitution authorizes him to do when he issued a travel ban. This travel ban was meant to prevent people from coming to America that are originally from countries listed by former President Obama as strongholds of terrorism.

Two radical federal judges with leftist agendas ordered the ban be lifted, overruling what should not have even been questioned, since President Trump was simply doing what presidents before him have done, with no problems before. Clearly this was all about judges legislating from the bench, which is outside their realm of jurisdiction!

Now, shock of all shocks! Liberal lawyer, Alen Dershowitz, has weighed in on the issue and he supported the travel ban saying it “should have been upheld.” WOW!

From Yes I’m Right:

President Trump is not backing down from his measures to keep America safe in the face of terror attacks from around the world. The President has ordered a travel ban to that end on two different occasions, both being blocked by criminally overreaching judges.

The administration has formally filed an appeal against the ruling that blocked the President’s travel ban. Fox and Friends invited lifelong democrat, and Harvard Law professor, Alen Dershowitz to give his opinion on whether the blocking of that ban was constitutional.

Watch the video about why Dershowitz feels the travel ban was overruled.

Dershowitz believes that because of things that Trump has said in the past, during his campaign on his personal feelings on Muslims, they have shot down this travel ban. Not because it’s unconstitutional, but because they think they have insight into his motives.

If that’s not a group of people who are legislating from the bench, I don’t know what is. With countries like Iran making terrorists their chief export, there’s no such thing as “too careful.” And as the professor said, this list was made by former President Obama. Up until Trump took office, none of these issues were up for debate, because someone that the left didn’t hate was saying it. He actually admits: I don’t believe this is a travel ban, and this whole thing has been an exercise in psychoanalysis. The list, although designed for a different purpose, was designed by Obama.

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The Democratic Party is quickly becoming the Socialist party, as the good professor pointed out, and this is evidenced by the support that Bernie Sanders has garnered. I don’t often agree with a Democrat, but he is absolutely correct that Sanders is attempting to usher in a government of socialists, and eventually communists.

Overruling Trump’s travel ban is a prime example of judicial overreach and something that those judges could never get away with if we had federal judges like Neil Gorsuch presiding all across the country.

Democrats are aware of this and it is the main reason they are opposing his approval for Supreme Court Justice with such fervency. Gorsuch is a constitutional “originalist” who believes that the Constitution should be interpreted according to the original intent of the founders who wrote it and not on the particular agendas of radical leftist judges.

In the end, Trump will win out and the ban will be upheld but Democrats will oppose it every step of the way!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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