Will This DAMNING Tweet End Hillary? UNDENIABLE PROOF She Knew Obama’s Plans To…

Is it possible that Hillary Clinton might have been involved in illegal efforts to win the presidency? Okay, we all know the answer to that. Mrs. Clinton, perhaps even more so than her husband, gives every impression of an individual who believes herself to be above the law. The root cause of why she thinks she’s entitled to exemption from the nation’s laws is for someone else to figure out. We’ll just take a look at the results of her incredible arrogance.

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For all her failings, including two campaigns for president that she lost, she has been successful in staying out of criminal court. For someone with her impressive list of alleged offenses, this is no mean feat. Whether the law will finally catch up with her before natural causes make her unavailable for prosecution remains to be seen. Yet when one is involved in as many fraudulent actions as Hillary, the task of avoiding prosecution much be enormous.

As the scandal involving alleged wiretapping of President Trump’s offices in the Trump tower during the election campaign develops, it looks like Hillary might be more involved in this than originally thought.

The latest evidence that Hillary might have known more about any wiretapping of Mr. Trump than we had thought starts with a tweet she released shortly before the election:

Where and how did she or her staff get that idea? Could it have been from a wiretap?

In commenting on President Trump’s accusation of being wiretapped by the Obama administration, former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey made this remark: “‘I think he’s right in that there was surveillance and that it was conducted at the behest of the attorney general — at the Justice Department,’ Mukasey told ABC’s ‘This Week.'”

The more digging that is done into this wiretapping story, the worse it looks for not only Mr. Obama, Mr. Comey, and Mrs. Lynch, but for Mrs. Clinton as well. Of course, learning that Hillary found a way to get involved in some nefarious activity would come as no surprise.

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What would be a shock would be to learn that she refused to have any part in such illegal activities, thereby representing one of the few honest acts she has ever committed. As a result, her reputation for corruption might actually suffer some damage. Could that be?

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