SCORCH! Fox News Host Is ON FIRE…EXPOSES Washington Post’s Fake News Scam On Live TV!

When allegations of “fake news” first came out, it was the liberal media accusing right wing blogs and journalists of creating incorrect articles about Democratic politicians. Since then, almost all of the fake news we hear about is from mainstream sources like CNN, repeating vicious lies and rumors about Republicans and Donald Trump.

This is what passes for news now! Mainstream media outlets are so desperate to get something on Trump that will destroy him and build up their viewership and ratings that they are treating absolute nonsense as if it were legitimate news.

FOX News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed a Washington Post reporter about his blatant liberal bias and willingness to ignore fake news from his own news journal. You are going to love watching Tucker take this reporter down a few notches!

From Louder With Crowder:

Remember when fake news was a thing the mainstream media was claiming? You know, until we started using it against the mainstream media…

Tucker Carlson remembers. He brings it to the forefront by shining a spotlight on the clear lack of credibility the media has with the topic during this interview with Erik Wemple of The Washington Post.

This is brutal!

Watch the video of Carlson interviewing Wemple below:

You have to wonder if these media hacks have any integrity at all!

Carlson blasted Wemple for his double standard:

“Erik, look, I get it, you can’t answer the question, so you’re saying that I somehow have an obligation to be a media reporter. But I’m not a media reporter and you are. And you get a lot of mileage out of, ‘I’m Mr. Media Reporter and I’m brave and they give me all this rope and I can do whatever I want.’ But you don’t. My question is, and please answer it, does the owner of your paper, Jeff Bezos, who runs Amazon, does he ever call you and say, ‘Good job?”

Crowder responded with a commentary on how viewers are getting fed up with how the mainstream media journalists seem to have given up even trying to report the truth:

This goes to people not necessarily liking Trump as much as they hate the media more. Yes, yes, I know we’ve repeated that point ad nauseum. I’d apologize but I’m not actually sorry. The mainstream media started the Trump administration with no credibility…after eight years of picking up the money President Obama left on the nightstand. You would think they would have seen this and the challenge of covering Trump as an opportunity to improve. Nope. They doubled down, they’re covering this administration through the lens of their slavish liberal bias.

You would almost believe that CNN and the rest of the news hackers have a death wish by the way they basically report gossip as if it’s gospel truth. At this rate, the establishment media will be totally untrustworthy and irrelevant within 10 years.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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