Trump’s Latest Inauguration Move Is Just Ingenious…Liberals Going Insane!

Sometimes, the best way to silence a screaming liberal is to be still, and simply listen.

Then, at least, it’s usually obvious that the liberal has nothing of value to say.

What has been so difficult these past eight years is that our President is a full-fledged liberal, who spent 100% of the time talking, telling Americans what to do and telling them how to live their lives. Instead of listening, Obama never truly led, he just kept pontificating.

America, if you ever needed a leader, he is here now.

Trump is a leader, and if it wasn’t clear before, it is now – Trump’s inauguration team has just announced that they plan on meeting with anti-Trump protesters during their protests, not to silence them, but to listen. To those protesting Trump on inauguration day, he plans on taking time out of his schedule to hear you out – no talking, no debate, but just listening.

Trump’s director of communications for the inauguration, Boris Epshteyn, told CNN about the meet early yesterday. The protesters are part of the “Women’s March on Washington,” a gathering that, while not officially anti-Trump, has clearly grown out of anti-Trump movements and protests. Epshteyn has been open and honest about the meet – this is a chance to take the high road, and win over the hearts and minds of any remaining open-minded opponents. For while liberals and progressive activists have taken every opportunity to ambush Trump’s campaign – and his team – Trump and his fellow Americans are busy giving their opponents every opportunity to enter into a rational discussion.

One only hopes that the liberals will take the bait. Either they’ll be converted, or they’ll discover they’ll have nothing to say.

The inclusive nature of Trump’s campaign, evident to anyone paying attention since the primaries, is clear even here. As Epshteyn said, “We hope some will come to D.C. and change their minds instead of protest.” He then added, in what this American thinks is an absolutely perfect summation, “Come celebrate with us.”

Come celebrate with us, indeed. While liberals are busy expelling any voice they see as a danger to their safe spaces, conservatives and Trump supporters are busy calling all those who are willing to talk through their differences to come celebrate the start of a better day for the United States of America. This, folks, is inclusivity.

Liberals, watch and learn.

There’s no telling whether or not the Women’s March on Washington will take Trump up on his generous offer. But the example set here should be clear – this new administration will listen to you, if you have something important to say.

To wit, if liberals have something useful to say, they’ll be heard. But I wouldn’t get too excited – whining, in any language, doesn’t usually translate into something useful to say.

Source: Breitbart.com

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