BREAKING: Trump’s Latest Inauguration Invite Is Just Brilliant…Obama Is Going Insane!

Donald Trump may be planning relatively short inaugural ceremonies by past standards, but short should not be confused with insignificant. Plan on Mr. Trump making many compelling points on January 20, not the least of which will be made when he rolls back some of Mr. Obama’s policies and executive orders.  But the inaugural ceremonies themselves could be historic by the attendance of at least one well-known national leader.

The transfer of power and responsibility from one president to his successor is a major event for a nation. In the US, it is an event triggered by our Constitution and by the people’s vote in a nation-wide election.  Mr. Trump’s election is especially significant in that he arrives on the job not from a political, but from a business background. That makes him very unique. He also represents a repudiation of the policies of his successor. That only raises the level of anticipation.

So while Mr. Trump is planning a relatively short inaugural parade and ceremony, you can expect it to be anything but routine. His inaugural speech will no doubt be momentous. And so might be the attendance of one his guests. If one prospective guest is there, history will be made as a message is sent world-wide.  So who might this person be?

Attendees of Presidential Inaugurations include the public, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, high-ranking military officers, former presidents, living Medal of Honor recipients and other dignitaries. There is now a strong possibility that a famous world leader will also attend President-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration. Trump’s transition team is in talks with Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu to arrange his attendance at the event. I think this would be fantastic and bonus… it would be the proverbial middle finger to Barack Obama and the UN.”

That last comment in the above quote about giving “the middle finger” to Mr. Obama and the UN is not the most gracious way of putting things. But it is rather accurate. Reflect on the latest betrayal of Israel at the UN by the Obama administration, and having Netanyahu attend the inauguration could hardly send a more potent message.

Some might wish to discount this as just political posturing at the time. However, it’s important to remember that we are dealing with Donald Trump here, not Barack Obama any more. And not only is Mr. Trump unafraid of controversy, he seems to thrive on it.

However this works out, you have to admit that starting a new administration by taking a swipe at the UN is a terrific beginning.

Source: Right Wing News

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