Ingenious: Trump’s Latest Donation From Business Profits Is Just Brilliant…Liberals Are Going Insane!

Think back over those who have served as president, and it’s hard to find one who built successful businesses prior to taking up residence in the White House. For the most part they were career politicians. Perhaps that’s been part of the problem, but that’s not the specific issue here. What is the issue is what such a businessperson turned president should do with ongoing businesses to avoid conflicts of interest.

It is not reasonable to ask a business owner to close down, sell, or otherwise liquidate the successful businesses he or she has built as a condition of holding political office. While career politicians might like that as it would reduce competition for public office, it’s an unacceptable demand to be placed on such a person. Yet, it is important that those in positions of leadership in government not use their positions to make deals that result in their personal enrichment. One Clinton Foundation is more than enough.

Mr. Trump has vast business and investment holdings. That should not be a hindrance to his serving his country as president. So what is to be done to eliminate even the appearance of conflicts of interest? Mr. Trump just dropped a bombshell as his solution to the problem is explained.

There are several moves Trump is making to avoid the conflict of interest issue that his political opponents would love to tag him on. But biggest and most shocking one comes from a CNBC report: “Trump operates a variety of golf resorts and hotels around the world. The lawyer, who spoke to a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity, said all profits generated at Trump’s hotels by foreign governments will be donated to the U.S. Treasury.”

In other words, if foreign governments take actions that benefit one of Trump’s businesses, the profits from such an event will go to the US Treasury as opposed to Mr. Trump. Who would even have thought of such an incredible way to address possible conflicts of interest?

In other matters we learn that, “Trump will put his business assets into a trust, and an ethics adviser will join the company’s management team. The adviser, who has not yet been named, will review and sign off on any new business deals that raise potential conflicts of interests, according to an attorney familiar with Trump’s plans.”

There is every indication that Mr. Trump is fulfilling his promise to avoid conflicts of interest. In this case, he has made amazing progress in keeping that promise.

Source: Proud Conservative

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