America Votes On President Trump’s Immigration Bill — Do You Agree With Results?

We knew long before election day that if Mr. Trump were to become President Trump that immigration was going to be a major issue and priority in his administration. Our expectations have not been disappointed. In fact, the opposition from the left is not surprising either.

Liberals love open borders because this represents a way for anyone to get into the country regardless of whether such immigrants have any useful skills or not. In other words, we are just as likely with open borders to have an influx of welfare recipients as we are productive individuals who can contribute to our economy. Those unskilled welfare recipients are excellent folks from which to recruit future voters for the Democratic Party. So we understand the liberals’ goal.

President Trump is supporting the recently introduced RAISE act which would dramatically revamp our immigration policies. Essentially, illegal immigration would be reduced, those allowed to become permanent residents would be reduced, and immigrants entering the country would be prohibited from drawing welfare for five years, thereby discouraging those whose only interest in getting into America is to draw government benefits. And the really good news is that the majority of Americans support this legislation.

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“Last week, President Trump declared his support for a bill by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA) that promotes merit based immigration and cuts annual legal immigration in half over ten years from the current level of approximately 1 million.

“The Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act, dubbed the RAISE Act, would emphasize skills-based admissions with the intention being to promote economic growth.

“Cotton called the current immigration system ‘an obsolete disaster,’ and President Trump declared last Wednesday in the Roosevelt Room of the White House that the new proposal ‘would represent the most significant reform to our immigration system in a half a century.’

“White House adviser Stephen Miller defended the bill, saying that its provisions were quite popular.

“‘Public support is so immense on this — if you just look at the polling data in many key battleground states across the country — that over time you’re going to see massive public push for this kind of legislation,’ Miller said at a White House press briefing last week.”

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The Democrats will oppose this vehemently. Here’s the reason in a nutshell. President Trump and supporters of this bill want immigrants who can take jobs that support themselves and contribute to a growing economy. The Democrats will oppose it because they want immigrants without skills who will go on the welfare roles in sanctuary cities, be rewarded with voting privileges, and then be expected to return the favor by voting for their Democratic benefactors who furnished the cash.

There will also be businesses that object to this bill because they want unskilled workers they can put in menial jobs and pay pitifully small wages.

“Voters do, in fact, generally support parts of the RAISE Act more than they oppose them.

“58 percent agree with putting a cap on the number of refugees offered permanent residency, while 60 percent support establishing a ‘points system’ based on criteria like English proficiency and prospective salary.”

To the degree that the RAISE Act is opposed in Washington is a measure of the degree to which the voters have a better grasp on what makes good policy for our nation that do many of their legislators.

All of which supports the notion that there are people in Washington who have been there far too long.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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