Amazing! Trump’s Daring Attempt to Protect Israel…Destroys UN With One Phone Call!

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?  If you are looking for a loyal friend on whom you can depend, Barack Obama would not appear anywhere on your list of prospects.  Neither would Bill or Hillary Clinton for that matter.  And while Obama did campaign for Hillary, does anyone really think he did that out of any loyalty to her?  Absurd.

Israel figured out years ago that, despite his claims otherwise, Obama was not a friend.  Oh, he’d mutter the prescribed words about supporting Israel, then go bow before the Saudi monarch showing his real loyalties.  And it’s not just Israel that Obama despises, anyone can see that he has no use for Prime Minister Netanyahu either.

So what do you do if you are Israel and realize that the president of the nation that has been your biggest supporter is about to stab you in the back at the UN?

You reach out for help from the man who will soon replace Barack Obama.  And while Donald Trump could not stop the resolution since he is not yet president, the world was put on notice that major changes are coming soon.

It went like this:  “When Egypt was about to sponsor a resolution before the United Nations condemning Israel over settlements and the Obama administration wasn’t going to anything, President-elect Donald Trump sprung into action. And while the anti-Israel resolution still passed, Trump still managed to show that he was able to take care of the Jewish state in a way Obama never would.”

Donald Trump is going to be able to do a lot of things that Obama never would or could.  One of these is to generate some respect.  That doesn’t mean everyone is going to love you – that’s impossible anyway.  And trying to do that just makes you look weak like Obama, who was famous for boldly delineating “red lines” which he then quietly moved when someone objected.

The United Nations is an institution that’s going to find that the game has changed.  Can you imagine Donald Trump addressing the UN General Assembly?  That’s the sort of event you’d like to put on your calendars right now.

It’s not just Israel that is going to be the beneficiary of the integrity and leadership abilities of Donald Trump. It’s the citizens of the United States who will benefit dramatically from the Trump presidency first and foremost.  And in bringing real leadership to the presidency, many other nations will benefit as well – including our friends in Israel.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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