Watch: Trump Leaks Stunning Video That Proves McCain Betrayed America

There is no real joy among real conservatives that John McCain is still in the Senate.

Regardless of what he might have understood about loyalty years ago when he fought in Vietnam, he certainly has displayed a very warped version of that virtue as a senator.

With deference to his military service and with regret for his serious illness, the fact remains that John McCain is a confirmed RINO, a dedicated neocon.

He has a lust for civil war and a penchant for abandoning conservatives.

It is a continuing source of frustration that the Republicans of Arizona have insisted on running him as the party candidate for Senate in election after election.

An example of McCain duplicity can be seen in his refusal to back legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, something he had repeatedly and clearly stated to be one of his goals.

However, when given the chance to act on his alleged principles, he torpedoed the legislation thereby preventing an admittedly imperfect bill the opportunity to be improved upon in conference with the House.

Or maybe this was just a vicious expression of his disdain for President Trump. In any event, his past speeches prove his hypocrisy.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“If McCain thought that his vote would be forgotten, or perhaps remembered as a profile in courage — well, it certainly doesn’t look that way from here.

And, as President Donald Trump reminded everyone, McCain’s vote was a stab in the back to voters who relied on McCain’s repeated promises to repeal Obamacare.

In a video posted by the president to Twitter on Monday, McCain is seen saying he would repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s signature legislation over and over again:

McCain should realize we are now in the digital age where the internet makes it possible to preserve everything a political candidate ever said or did.

Old acts and speeches will always come back to haunt them, and that is just what is now happening to Senator McCain.

It is unlikely that history will remember Mr. McCain very fondly. He has infuriated conservatives while not being quite liberal enough to please the other side of the aisle.

While reveling in his self-created “maverick” image, he has remained something of a man without a real base, someone who cannot be counted on in the thick of the political battle.

And if that’s how he will be remembered, it is unfortunate, but it fits.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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