President Trump Unleashes Powerful Executive Order — Muslim Migrants Are Mad As Hell

It’s a decision that is sure to drive Muslim organizations in America, such as the radical CAIR and activists such as Linda Sarsour, into fits of fury. Part of their problem is that the implementation of this decision cannot be called racist, since race has nothing to do with it, although many opponents of the policy will accuse the president of that.

It is a policy that will place members of one religious group under greater scrutiny before allowing its members entrance to the U.S. In the perfect world which the left compulsively and erroneously believes they can bring in if only they they can gain enough power, such programs would be unnecessary and irrelevant.

Unfortunately, neither the left nor anyone else on this planet is capable of creating heaven on earth, or the perfect society. So, the next best thing is to make things as safe and pleasant for peace loving people, and to keep those who have violent motives either out of country, or taken into custody should they bring mayhem to our land. That that includes those of every race, nationality, and creed.

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The tragic truth is that there are radical Muslims who wish not only to create violence in western nations, but who wish to fundamentally change those nations into Islamic societies. The former is the immediate concern as we cannot fix dead, however the more subtle insinuation of Islamic principles into our government and courts must be stopped as well, since Sharia Law is utterly at variance with western society and its judicial traditions.

With regard to the effort to keep violent Islamic jihadists out of America, Muslim migrants are now required to undergo “extreme vetting” before being allow entrance to our country. Again, in a perfect world this would not be necessary. And if these jihadists had not made themselves famous for blowing up innocent men, women, and children as they scream “Allahu Akbar!” and set off bombs killing themselves and their victims, this would not be have become such an issue.

So as much as Muslim apologists themselves as well as those on the left try to explain this behavior away, those who hold to Islamic beliefs have no one to blame but their coreligionists for the concern people have over groups of Muslims, particularly young males. There is no joy in making such a statement, but to deny the truth of it requires a rejection of the years of news to which we’ve been subjected. Put bluntly, they’ve given themselves a bad reputation, and it scares people.

As a result of the danger that some Muslims represent, Present Trump issued an extreme vetting order, which means that Muslim migrants must submit to a thorough and full DHS interview before consideration is given to admitting them to the United States. This involves an in-depth personal interview conducted by DHS officials. They can get mad all they want, but this is America, and no foreigner is born with a right to come here.

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“Homeland Security announced Monday that it will soon require more people to undergo in-person interviews before they can gain a firmer legal footing in the U.S., carrying out yet another part of President Trump’s extreme vetting executive order.

“While the so-called travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries has garnered most of the attention, it was just a temporary measure designed to give the government the space to stiffen its regular checks so it could be more adept at denying potential terrorists entry.

“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced one of those new policies Monday, saying it wants more people to have to face in-person interviews before they’re giving permanent status in the country.”

They can scream and protest all they want, but the ironic thing is that if this extreme vetting is successful in keeping violent Islamic jihadists out of the country, the very scrutiny to which Muslims are subject and to which the object, should be reduced as the violence is reduced. Put another way, if terrorist and other violent acts carried out by Muslims end, eventually there will be less focus on them as they will be treated as people with different beliefs, but who are otherwise peaceful residents.

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“The first two categories to require interviews, beginning Oct. 1, are people already in the U.S. on business visas who want to apply for permanent residency, and refugees or aslyees hoping to sponsor family members to join them here.

“‘This is the base for building extreme vetting,’ said Matthew J. O’Brien, a former USCIS employee who is now director of research at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

“He said interviews are a key way to screen people for fraud or national security risks.”

What must be understood, as non-politically correct as it might be, is that no foreign national has a right to enter the U.S., just as no American as the right to demand to be admitted into any other country. Globalists might hate that, but it is a reality, and the U.S. is hardly the only nation to implement such policies. This means that Muslims, unless they are U.S. citizens, might be offered the privilege of coming to America, but they can claim no right to be here.

As such, they have no right to object to the extreme vetting that has become necessary because some of the members of their Islamic faith are murdering lunatics who are ready to commit suicide by blowing themselves and as many innocents as possible to kingdom come. Or perhaps they have even worse motives, depending on what hardware they can smuggle into our nation.

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“‘You can only vet people if you have information, and one of the best ways to get information is to talk to people and then compare that info to objective info you get from other places,’ he said. ‘if you don’t have these interviews you’re missing a fundamental step in the vetting process.

“Mr. O’Brien said the two categories USCIS has started with for mandatory interviews both presented fraud and security risks. In the case of relatives, he said refugees will try to sneak in extended relatives or members of their clan who wouldn’t normally qualify under the letter of the law.”

So we can add to the fact that some violent jihadists are trying to get into our nation, the efforts of refugees to sneak others into the country with them.

There is more than enough evidence to demand such extreme vetting. Failure to do so is would indict our government and immigration authorities with derelict and reckless neglect for their responsibly to keep the people of this nation safe.

If and when Islam manages to rid itself of violent jihadists, then relaxation of vetting can be discussed. Until then, those who subscribe to an ideology that tolerates hate and violence must be treated with suspicion. Not because anyone wishes to do so, but because the welfare of the people of our nation demands it.

Source: Washington Times

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