BREAKING: President Trump Drops SLEDGE-HAMMER On United Nations…Liberals In A BLIND Panic!

This is the epic battle that I personally have been waiting for since December 2016. During that month, former President Barack Obama did his best to snub Israel and align himself with the United Nations, which did nothing by garner more ill will between himself and Americans. It was clear we all were ready for this community organizer to leave.

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So the showdown I’ve been wanting to see is our new president with the UN. President Trump has already proven his care and alliance with Israel, which is a huge win in my book (ok, I’ll say it – ‘YUGE’). And today we’ve gotten a glimpse into the plans Trump has regarding his future with the UN.

President Trump is asking the State Department to cut more than 50% of their current funding to the United Nations. For the win, America and President Trump!

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From The Hill:

President Trump’s administration has told the State Department to cut more than 50 percent of U.S. funding to United Nations programs, Foreign Policy reported.

The push for the drastic reductions comes as the White House is scheduled to release its 2018 topline budget proposal Thursday, which is expected to include a 37 percent cut to the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budgets…

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has suggested phasing in the major reductions over the coming three years.One official close the administration told Foreign Policy that Tillerson has flexibility about how best to implement the reduction. 

The U.S. spends roughly $10 billion annually on the U.N., and the cuts could have the greatest impact on peacekeeping, the U.N. development program and UNICEF, which are funded by State’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs. 

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Of course, the liberals are going to completely freak out once this news really starts to break out, but in reality, slowing down these funds is the best thing American can do.

Mad World News comments: The cuts won’t have an impact on peacekeeping like the left likes to claim because the UN doesn’t do anything to stop wars; they just like to place blame on countries like the US while taking our money. The UN Development Program and UNICEF, which are funded by State’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs, may see some changes, but it won’t have the massive effect liberals would like to allege…

Cutting UN funding is one step, but maximum freedom would start with Trump completely taking us out of the UN permanently. 

What do you think? Do you think this is a good start, but that we need to finish by leaving the UN? Comment below and let us know!

Source: The Hill, Mad World News

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