WATCH: Trump Tweet Melts Mainstream Media…MSNBC Drops Bombshell on Losing Liberals!

For decades, conservatives have had to deal with the “double standard” effect, brought upon us by the liberals. The way this game works is that if the conservatives do not see the election results they wanted, they are told to sit down and shut up. However, if the liberals lose, then we need to stop everything, feel sorry for them, and do what they tell us.

This game also occurs not only during the election cycle, but for the passing of any legislation. We only need to think about Republican Governor Scott Walker’s recent work in Wisconsin. Governor Walker received death threats and the like from the Democrats, because he was intent to reform Wisconsin unions.

But yesterday I believe, finally takes the cake. Between November 8 and December 19, electors preparing to vote in the Electoral College were harassed, threatened, and bribed to change their votes from Trump to Clinton. The left could not stand the fact that they lost fair and square, and have resorted to shocking tactics to get their way.

So Trump finally called them out on their heinous behavior through Twitter, saying: “If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names!”

What will shock you the most is that MSNBC’s Morning Joe Panel agrees with Trump!

From the Conservative Tribune:

“That’s the truest Trump tweet I think ever,” Halperin said. “This will be a divisive day rather than a day where we have a constitutionally mandated moment … that people who voted for Trump will be very happy about.

“It’s great for people to try to speak out and affect the electors, that’s their constitutional right,” Halperin added. “But to threaten violence or make claims about their responsibilities…” he said, trailing off.

Panel member Mike Barnicle agreed.

“In terms of the accuracy, if Trump supporters had done this and Hillary Clinton had won, I mean … we in the media would continue to be crushing his supporters,” Barnicle said.

FINALLY! Maybe the mainstream media has seen the light, and realized that their ridiculous siding with the liberals has come to haunt them. Perhaps, they should consider sharing  and listening to both sides of an issue before deciding who is right or not? We can only hope.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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