SHUT DOWN! Trump Travel Ban BLOCKED Taliban From Doing This…America Is SAVED!

One thing you can count on is that the mainstream media will attempt to bury or ignore any successes attached to the policies and actions of the Trump administration. So dedicated are they to putting liberal politics before journalistic principles, that they have turned themselves into propaganda outlets.

As we know, this has been going on for some decades, but has intensified with the presidency of Donald Trump. Put bluntly, they hate the guy and would prefer to see the nation fail than to ascribe any positive results to President Trump and his policies. It’s a sad state of affairs, and one that requires that we look elsewhere for our news.

The issue that is currently creating the greatest upheaval among the political left is President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations. This has elicited the typical cries of racism and xenophobia, although Islam is a faith, not a race. And even claims that this is an attack on Muslims fails when it is pointed out there are nations with far greater Muslim populations than these seven that are not part of the ban.

So when Mr. Trump’s policies start creating positive results, we don’t expect to hear about it from the mainstream media. And that is exactly what has happened as his ban on travel from those nations is already bearing fruit in a country that is not even part of the ban.

Here’s the good news: “The president’s travel ban didn’t even include Pakistan, and yet it prompted them to take actions that effectively prevented 39 Taliban members from entering the U.S. Pakistan is among those nations that have seen a surge in terrorist activity in recent years, with Tehrik-i-Taliban (aka the Pakistani Taliban) acting as an umbrella group under which dozens of terror groups organize.”

How about that? Pakistan doesn’t want to be the next to be added to the list, so they are getting their own house in order. And that means fewer potential terrorists in the United States.

In fact, Pakistan’s concerns about being added to the list are well-founded. “As a result of the terrorist presence there, the White House hinted yesterday that Pakistan could be added to the temporary travel ban: ‘Maybe we will. The bottom line is we started with the seven countries that have previously been identified, did a 90-day review. Maybe during that 90-day review we find other countries or we take someone off or whatever.'”

Pakistan got the message. Iran, which is on the list, did not, and responded with an utterly pointless gesture. “Unlike Iran, which responded by banning Americans from entering their country in return (there goes everyone’s spring break plans!), Pakistan responded by making an effort to fight terrorism in their country.”

Pakistan decided to arrest and detain a guy by the name of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, who is the leader of a Taliban affiliate. Then comes the good news: “Today (two days after Saaed’s arrest), Saeed has been banned from exiting Pakistan, and their Interior Ministry has added 38 others allegedly linked to Jamaat-ul-Dawa on their ‘Exit Control List.'”

Continuing, “As mentioned, Trump’s travel ban didn’t mention Pakistan, and yet it prompted actions that essentially prevented 39 Taliban members from entering our country. That’s an unintended consequence of the travel ban you likely won’t find reported on CNN today.”

And there is the tragedy that results from the failure of mainstream outlets like CNN and MSNBC to report the news accurately. Here we have 39 potential terrorists prevented from entering the United States as a result of President Trump’s actions. That’s thirty-nine jihadists that our law enforcement officials will not have to worry about. This is just the sort of encouraging news that Americans need to learn of and consider.

Yet it’s going to be up to those Americans to seek out that sort of news as opposed to taking in whatever the major media outlets are saying. Fortunately, you have that choice.

Source: Allen B. West

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