BREAKING: Trump TORCHES Obama’s Legacy Day One…THIS Bombshell Blows Up In Barack’s Face!

The use of executive orders by the president is a practice that was routinely used during the Clinton administration to enact policies that Mr. Clinton could never get through Congress. In fact, one of his senior staff members commented how terrific it was that at the stroke of a pen, a new law had been created.

Obviously, executive orders were never intended to be a replacement for the legislative process, and the extent to which a president attempts to do just that is actually an abuse of the privilege. This never bothered Mr. Clinton, who in his hubris and arrogance, gave every evidence that he thought that was above the law. We’ve noted also how he passed this on to his wife. While Hillary, thankfully, never got the chance to issue even one executive order, she certainly believes in her being above the law. We’ll see how that works out.

Mr. Obama has also been quite fond of the executive order privilege and has not been at all reluctant to use it to push forward initiatives that would never make it through Congress. Much to Obama’s dismay, Donald Trump has made no secret of his plans to use that same power to rescind or modify many of Obama’s executive orders, beginning on day one. We now have further confirmation that he will put this plan into action on schedule.

The work of taking apart the destructive policies of the failed Obama administration will begin on inauguration day according to Mr. Trump’s spokesman: “‘He’s got a few of them probably in the area of four or five that we’re looking at for Friday,’ some of them logistical, Spicer said Wednesday at a news briefing. ‘Then there are some other ones that I expect him to sign with respect to a couple of issues that have been high on his priority list.'”

The beauty of this is that what Obama tried to do to this country will start being reversed even as he flies to California for another one of his famous vacations. And while we understand that the trip there will be on the taxpayers’ dime, the vacation is sure to be ruined to some extent by his realization that what he stood for is coming down, and there is nothing he can do about it but whine and complain.

Unless he is capable of utter self-delusion, Mr. Obama is going to come face to face with the fact that his leftist agenda just hit a brick wall in the form of Donald Trump and the continuing Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. True to his liberal roots, he’s sure to try to deal with this by claiming victim-hood rather than by recognizing what a failure he was as president.

He will have no legacy, and all he will have for his eight years in office are some memories, an incredible retirement package, and the knowledge that not only does he no longer matter, but that what mattered to him is in tatters.

Happy retirement.

Source: Yahoo

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