Breaking: Trump Taps Navy Veteran As Press Secretary…Mainstream Media In Full Meltdown!

Donald Trump has been spending the past six weeks working diligently to put his upcoming presidential administration in place before January 20. This monumental task is no small feat, as there are so many spots to fill, and they must be filled with the right people. Otherwise, if one wrong person joins this historic team, the culture of Make America Great Again could be shattered.

One of the most high-profile, yet thankless roles in a Trump Administration would be that of Press Secretary. With the mainstream media being a continual thorn in Trump’s side, even after the election, one could only imagine how ruthless they would be when Trump finally takes the Oath of Office.

Thankfully, Mr. Trump was able to choose a fantastic person to carry on this intense role.

Navy veteran Sean Spicer has been HIRED. Here is what Western Journalism reports:

President-elect Donald Trump has named Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer to be his White House press secretary.

And Mr. Spicer is already considering making changes to the Press Secretary’s role and format of a daily crushing by the mainstream media:

Spicer recently said Trump was considering altering the format of the daily press briefing but will not ban certain reporters or media outlets as he did on the campaign trail.

Congratulations Mr. Spicer! We couldn’t be happier for you to take the mainstream media at the helm and hold them accountable!

Source: Western Journalism

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