You’ll Never Believe What We Discovered! President Trump Surprises Veterans By…

During the previous Obama administration, our military veterans were given a raw deal, as Obama cut veterans’ pension and salary benefits This was salt added to the wound, especially as our injured vets, in need of medical treatment, were practically ignored.

Indeed, President Obama’s level of disrespect for our men and women in uniform was not only beyond disgraceful, it was downright treasonous! His habit of handing out pardons to criminals and traitors was only exceeded by how he allowed the prosecution of heroic officers, whose only crime was protecting their fellow soldiers from radical Muslim terrorists.

The last eight years under President Obama can only be described as a blight on our history! All that has changed with the Trump era!

Joe For America describes it:

The President has proven in his short time in office that reducing the deficit and protecting and defending our military veterans is a top priority for him. He has already decreased the debt level by half a percent. Now he has worked to employ ex veterans looking for civilian work. While liberals decry conservatives and welcome refugees with open arms they are denying their own citizens who have faithfully protected our freedoms. They would rather help those who they don’t represent than those who they do.

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Perhaps they have forgotten who elected them into office.

Trump has been meeting with various executives and businesses to negotiate deals. One of the greatest deals he has been able to negotiate is with IBM. The company is now looking to open twenty new P-TECH schools across the United States. In these new schools they will train and hire approximately two thousand veterans to work for them.

Liberals will hate it because IBM is known for their large use of H1b visas. But Trump’s close connection with their CEO Ginni Rometty likely helped. She serves on the Presidents advisory board. They had a business relationship prior to his election to President. Now the corporation who usually outsources will be employing more Americans, more veteran Americans no less.

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The President has already had a plethora of events and functions honoring military and law enforcement personnel at the White House since the inauguration. Congress has passed two laws that incentivize businesses through tax credits to hire veterans. In less than two months the President has made more of a priority of veterans issues than the previous administration did during their entire duration.

Getting veterans hired into good paying jobs should be priority #1 and Trump definitely wants to make it happen. It is our veterans who should be first in line for jobs, not illegal immigrants.

And one other thing, even if vets are hired to flip burgers at fast food places, it will be an upgrade from trying to communicate to people whose distant second language is English!

Source: Joe For America

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