Amazing: Trump Supporter Did The Unthinkable To Protester Placards…Americans Are Thrilled! [WATCH]

We’ve all seen the major headlines of the Women’s March on Washington (among other cities) over the first weekend of President Trump’s administration. The mainstream media has made this protest a top priority for their news cycle, to somehow help them prove to the world that Trump was the wrong choice for president.

As my conservative mother has so aptly said since November 8: “Well, Trump [election] is over. He won. Move on.” If only she were able to penetrate the forces of the liberal left with her sound logic, America could very well then indeed be unified at this point in time.

I digress. What has been so utterly shocking is how these women (how I hate to associate my gender with these people), is that after they executed their right to rally and protest, they also decided that carrying a placard an extra twenty minutes to their train or car would be too much effort after holding it all day, so they dumped and trashed cities across America with their signs. In Washington, DC, placards were left from the White House to Trump International. So who’s in charge of clean-up?

What will shock you is that the first clean-up crew to arrive is none other than a young man with a Trump Make America Great Again hat on.

From The American Mirror:

It turns out the real environmentalists are supporters of Donald Trump.

Trump backers helped to clean up trash from the National Mall after piles of it were left behind by feminists, multi-millionaire celebrities and girly men opposed to the new president.

Here, a man wearing a white “Make America Great Again” hat could be seen picking up discarded signs and other garbage left behind by the agitators.

If anyone knows this kind young man who was doing the right thing at the right time, let’s be sure to congratulate him on doing the impossible, showing love to a group who hates him. This is the true definition of #lovetrumpshate.

He is also doing a kindness to those who will really have to take extra time to clean up this mess. This is what love for America, your fellow Americans, and your community truly looks like.

Source: The American Mirror

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