President Trump Stunned To Learn That Under Obama, $815 Million Of Taxpayer Funds Were Lost For 1 Terrible Reason

The reasons why we see so much out of control and wasteful spending by governments are easy to figure out. For one thing, there is a lack of accountability. When do you ever see a bunch of congressmen or senators voted out of office because they supported wasteful spending bills? Right, doesn’t happen.

Wasteful spending also stems from the fact that government fiscal controls are so convoluted, that money just gets lost in the accounting systems. What is especially maddening is not only the loss of billions in wasted funds, but the fact that if a business or individual conducted affairs in this way, there would be nasty consequences in one form or another including bankruptcy, lawsuits, IRS investigations with substantial fines, criminal prosecutions, and firings.

Fiscal control was not a concern that weighed heavy on the Obama administration. The goal was increasing the size of the federal government. Hence, it would be nice if spending programs worked out, but not essential. As a result, the Department of Interior, for example, under Obama’s leadership, lost track of $815 million. In other words, the government has no idea where almost a billion dollars went, and that’s just in one department.

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“Few could argue with a straight face that former President Barack Obama and his administration didn’t have a spending problem, often creating government programs seemingly just for the sake of spending more taxpayer money, regardless of where it went or what it was used for.

“Thus, we were only slightly stunned to read a recent report from the Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspector General that revealed that at least $815 million in grant money for land purchases had been doled out between 2014 and 2015 with absolutely no way to track the funds or ensure that they had been used for their intended purpose.”

If that’s not enough to irritate you the next time you look at your paycheck stub and see what was withheld for federal income taxes, consider this: It is the policy of the Interior Department to not keep track of such funds. Yes, you read that correctly. Read on.

“From the start, the report made clear that the DOI ‘does not centrally track information about grants awarded for the purpose of acquiring land. As such, DOI is unable to identify how much grant money has been used to purchase land, how much land has been purchased, and whether that land is being used for its intended purpose.'”

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There’s the real offense. It’s bad enough that these nitwits lost track of almost a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money. But it’s mind-boggling to learn that they never intended to track where the money went in the first place. The utterly insouciant attitude with regard to fiscal responsibility is shocking and disgraceful.

“It should be noted that the land purchased by virtue of these grants of taxpayer money are not considered federally-owned land, but are owned by the grantee, albeit with stipulations in place that the grantee is supposed to honor, such as preserving land intended for conservation or otherwise using the land for a specific intended purpose.

“Unfortunately, due to the lack of a centralized system for tracking such purchases, the DOI quite simply has no idea where the money went or what it was ultimately spent on.”

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So how does the DOI plan to insure that these “grantees” honor their agreements if the department has no idea to whom the funds were sent?

There’s more to the story, but one can only stand so much of this gross malfeasance at one sitting.

Do you think the people of this country are so used to this sort of behavior that they are willing to sit back and let it happen? If so, perhaps it will take some form default or bankruptcy or other financial calamity to befall this nation before the dramatic changes needed are implemented. That would be tragic.

On the other hand, a more optimistic scenario would be one where President Trump just starts a campaign of massive dismissal of federal employees for gross negligence in managing the people’s money. There are certainly many places for him to start.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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